Translation: Swedish
Status: activeOriginal author: Brajj.falunCorrection author:Pewi-73
Some characters might appear incorrectly here, but they can still show correctly in EvilLyrics when using LNG file. Please test it first before you start making correction.
EvilLyrics Localization Template
version for build 134 - 14/09/2004
check for latest version and recent changes at http://www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/localize.php
ONLY TRANSLATE TEXT BETWEEN number AND //. Text after // is just remark, there's no need to translate that
when you're done, compile your file with ELtrans.exe, put created lng file into your EL directory and try to load it
If it loads successfully, check if the text isn't overlapped somewhere
Feel free to rephrase some texts if they sound more understandable in your language

/n is new line delimiter
%1 and %2 are parameters ... they will get replaced in the text

First line is a charset number .. replace XXX by your number and test it
charsetWestEurope = 0
charsetDefault = 1
charsetSymbol = 2
charsetJapanese = 128
charsetKorean = 129
charsetChineseS = 134
charsetChienseT = 136
charsetGreek = 161
charsetTurkish = 162
charsetHebrew = 177
charsetArabic = 178
charsetBaltic = 186
charsetCyrillic = 204
charsetEastEurope = 238
charsetDosBox = 255

--- localization file start

0|Allm�nt //General
1|Cache //Cache
2|Karaoke //Karaoke
3|Avancerat //Advanced
4|Om //About
6|Utseende //Apperance-frame
7|Alltid �verst //Always on top
8|Aktivitetsf�lts l�ge //Tray mode
9|Minimera f�r st�ngning //Minimize on close
10|V�lj s�ngtext typsnitt //Select lyrics font
11|Bakgrund //Background - label
12|S�k inst�llningar //Search settings - frame name
13|S�ngtext s�kord //"Lyrics" keyword - label
14|S�kord f�r f�rfr�gan till s�kmotorer/nOm du f�r det mesta lyssnar p� icke engelska l�tar/nv�lj eller skriv ett s�kord p� ditt spr�k // "lyrics keyword label tooltip description - Keyword used to query search engines/nIn case you listen mostly to non-english songs/npick or type keyword in your language
15|Visa i huvudf�nstret //Show keyword selector in main window - checkbox
127|Till�t ok�nda sidor //Allow unknown sites
16|Analysera l�t titel //Song title parsing - frame name
17|Filtrera inte nummer //1st filtering option Don 't filter numbers
18|Filtrera enskilda nummer //2nd filtering option Filter stand-alone numbers i.e. numbers surrounded by spaces ... ie which are not part of the word like in U2
19|Filtrera alla nummer //3nd filtering option - Filter all numbers
5|Ignorera citerad text //Ignore bracketed text - checkbox
20|Utfrysta s�kord //Excluded keywords - label
21|Cache inst�llningar //Cache settings - frame name
22|Rensa cache //Clear cache
23|Cache organisering //Cache organization
24|F�rsta bokstaven //By first letter
25|Enskilda kataloger //Single directory
26|Cache s�kv�g //Cache path
27|Dubbelkolla felaktiga texter efter en vecka //Re-check wrong lyrics after a week
28|Spara automatiskt under orginall�tnamnet efter �ndring //Automatically save under original song name after change
29|Proxy //Proxy - frame label
30|Anv�nd proxy //Use proxy
31|Server //Server
32|Port //Port
33|Anv�ndarnamn //Username
34|L�senord //Password
35|Karaoke postning //Karaoke posting - frame name
36|F�r att medverka under ditt namn v�nligen registrera dig p� v�r hemsida. Registrering �r gratis. //To contribute under your name please register on our website. Registration is FREE.
37|Skriv sedan in ert anv�ndarnamn och l�senord h�r: //Then enter your login name and password here:
38|AnvNamn //Login
39|L�senord //Password
40|Registrera //Register - button which takes you to registration page
41|Karaoke register updatering //Karaoke index update - frame name
42|Uppdatera registret nu! //Update karaoke index now!... ie. button text
43|Karaoke pop-up alert //Karaoke pop-up alerts
44|L�ttext postning //Lyrics posting
128|Till url // (save lyrics) to url
129|Till fil // (save lyrics) to file
45|Spara inte //Don't save - 3 file saving options
46|Spara automatiskt //Save automatically
47|P� knapptryck //On button press
48|�vriga inst�llningar //Other settings - frame name
49|Starta med Winamp //Start with Winamp
50|Fungerar bara om du har valt "Winamp start-up plugin" under EvilLyrics installationen/nF�r att ta bort start-up plugin funktionen helt, G� till Winamp's General plugins sektion. //!!!! Don't translate text "Winamp start-up plugin" ... Only works if you selected "Winamp start-up plugin" during EvilLyrics installation/nTo remove start-up plugin completely go to Winamp's General plugins section - message that pops up when you click a little "?"
51|Anonym statistik //Anonymous statistics
52|�terst�ll inst�llningar //Set to default settings (resets EL settings to default)
53|Uppdateringar //Updates - frame name
54|Kolla efter ny EL uppdatering //Check new (checks for new version of EL)
55|OK //OK - bottom buttons
56|Avbryt //Cancel - bottom buttons
57|Verkst�ll //Apply - bottom buttons
58|Inst�llningar //Preferences - window name
59|uppdaterar ... //updating ... displayed on the button while updating karaoke index
60|�vers�ttningar: //"Translators: " text .. not used anywhere yet ... the names of translators will be hard coded ... so please send the name or nick you would like to appear here along with translated language file
61|V�lj en mapp //on folder picking dilaog
62|Vill du rensa inneh�llet av lyric cachen fr�n "%1" ?/ndet kan ta en lite tid beroende p� storlek/n(den kommer l�ta karaoke filerna vara kvar)
63|Du har �ndrat cache organiserings stilen. Vill du �terbygga cachen nu? (det kan ta en lite tid beroende p� storleken av cachen)
64|Fyll i URL att posta till. Anv�nd %L f�r lyric, %S f�r l�tnamn./nTill exempel: http://www.myblog.com/postlyrics.php?song=%S&lyrics=%L
65|Ditt karaoke index �r %1 dagar gammalt/nAntal filer i ditt index: %2
66|Du har inget karaoke index �n. Uppdatera det //You don't have karaoke index yet. Update it - text that shows on karaoke status label when you have no karaoke index ... shouldn't happen though
67|Du f�r sprida det h�r programmet fritt. F�r det h�r programmet �r gratis, upphovsmannen kan inte och vill inte ta n�got ansvar f�r detta programs beteende. Det finns ingen fullmakt av n�got slag av denna produkt.
68|Tack till: //"Thanks to" text
69|... och till alla er andra som hj�lpt till med ov�rdbara tips och hj�lp. //... and all the rest of you who helped with valuable suggestions and support.
70|EvilLyrics �r ett gratis program, om du gillar programet och v�rat arbete s� f�r du g�rna donera pengar p� v�r donations sida p� v�r hemsida. //EvilLyrics is free software, if you would like to appreciate our work you may donate in Donation page of our website.
71|Sista filter uppdatering: //Last filter update:
//Main application window related
72|Prova n�sta resultat
73|Ladda om text
74|Stoppa nerladdning
75|�ndra text
76|Skriv ut text
77|�ppna textens orginal sida i webbl�sare
78|Lyric f�r hela albumet
79|Fulltext internet lyric s�kning
80|Alla l�tar fr�n nuvarande artist
81|Posta nuvarande lyric till en hemsida
82|G� in i inspelningsl�get f�r karaoke
83|S�k efter karaoke fil
84|Visa karaoke bar
//Toolbar submenus
85|Google efter mer f�r denna l�t
87|�vers�tt text
88|Heltext s�kning
89|Album profil //album profile search ... like profile on Amazon
90|Ackord s�k
91|Album omslag //album cover serach
92|Hela albumets texter ...
93|Affischer ...
94|Allmusic Guide profil
95|L�mna in text //submit lyrics to selected lyrics page
96|EvilLyrics hemsida
97|Rapportera en bugg //ie application bug
98|Ytterligare s�kningar //keep case
99|Heltext internet s�k
100|Heltext cache s�k
101|H�mta karaoke
102|Ta bort karaoke
103|Skicka in karaoke
104|Skapa karaoke hj�lp
105|Karaoke info
106|Anslutnings info //ie internet connection online/offline
//Popup Menus
//Main popup menu .. keep texts short here so menu doesn't get wide
107|F�rklara "%1" ...
108|Rensa dessa texter //erases lyrics to current song
109|Cache info
110|Kompakt l�ge
111|Edit l�ge
112|Visa karaoke bar
113|Karaoke scrollning //function for turning scrolling on/off
115|Klistra in
116|Ytterligare s�kning
//Statusbar menu
118|Rapportera trasigt filter
119|Varf�r kan jag inte hitta n�gonting?
120|Karaoke kvalit� r�stning //ie voting for karaoke files .. feel free to rephrase ... like voting for karaoek files ... and good/bad file
121|Denna karaoke fil �r BRA
122|Denna karaoke fil �r D�LIG
123|Statusbar hj�lp
124|Kopiera lyricens URL till klippbordet
//Karaoke statusbar icon menu
125|H�mta b�sta matchning direkt
126|G� till karaoke lista (browser)
//Cacheinfo box
131|S�kv�g //Path to the song on your hard drive
132|Nerladdat den //followed by date
133|Nerladdat fr�n //followed by url
134|Manuellt �ndrad
137|Antal rader // number of lines in lyrics file
138|Karaoke nerladdat den //followed by date
139|du (antagligen icke ins�nd fil) //informing that karaoke file has no name in it, so it was probably created by you and haven't been sent yet
140|Karaokens upphovsman //karaoke author name
141|Antal tidst�mplar
142|ignoerar tomma rader //meaning that number of timestamps doesn't take into account timestamps for empty lines .. can be used "without empty lines"
143|inte nerladdat �n
145|Fel! //error while getting info for info window ... can translate just like "error"
146|Vill du kopiera den h�r infon till KLIPPBORDET?
147|nuvarande l�t info // name of the info window .. keep case .. it's displayed like EvilLyrics - current info name
148|h�mtar f�rklaring ... //displayed while explanation is downloaded from dictionary
149|Ingen tr�ff i katalogen
150|Uppdatering slutf�rd //Karaoke index update
151|Fel under uppdatering
152|Du har redan r�stat //karaoke voting messages ... can be "You already voted"
153|Tack f�r r�sten
154|Sidfel, f�rs�k senare
155|Skriv varf�r du tror att filtret inte fungerade (ingen text visades, artist/l�t info fanns med i lyricen etc.) eller hoppa �ver inmatningen.
156|felande filter //the name of the dialog
157|Fel AnvNamn/l�senord
158|Rapporterat, tack f�r din insats.
159|Du m�ste vara registrerad f�r att f� rapportera
160|No matching karaoke available. Double-click the icon to open karaoke list.
161|ansluten //lowercase
162|ej ansluten //lowercase
163|Vill du arbeta i offline l�ge?
164|ok�nd //as Lyrics source: unknown ... when we don't know which url lyrics came from
165|F�r att �ter-st�lla in g�mda knappar klicka "Reset/�terst�ll" vid n�sta dialog/n Du kan ocks� s�tta verktygsbaren till wrap i Inst�llnings dialogen
166|Karaoke justerad %1 sekund //followed by number of seconds
167|s�ker efter "%1" (tryck �ndra f�r att �ndra texten) //displayed in statusbar while using type-ahead ...
168|Kunde inte hitta "%1". Tryck ESC f�r att f�rs�ka igen.
169|Skriv om din s�kning // displays after you pressed esc ... you are actually being asked to type your query again
170|Du �r nu i karaoke spar l�get. Starta l�ten, synchronisera tiden h�r och i din spelare. Flytta ner en rad genom att trycka p� NER�T pil, ta bort f�reg�ende tidst�mpel genom att trycka UPP�T pil. L�t l�ten spelas till slutet, s� kommer du bli fr�gad om att spara karaoken. Spela sedan l�ten igen och den kommer bli skickad till v�ran server. Klicka h�r f�r att l�sa mer.
171|Kollar efter nya filter ...
172|H�mtar nya filter ...
173|Ny version av EvilLyrics finns. Vill du g� till www.evillabs.sk och h�mta den nya versionen?
174|Starta din media spelare eller skriv in lat/artist namn i boxen ovan.
175|Karaoke index �r %1 dagar gammalt. Uppdatera det i inst�llningar.
176|s�ker //displayed as tooltip over player icon ... saying like "detecting Winamp"
177|Manuellt l�ge - ingen k�nd spelare hittad
178|Karaoke finns - klicka f�r att h�mta!
179|Karaoke finns ej
180|Skriv ord att s�ka efter (sepererat med space)
181|Dubbel klicka f�r att s�ka efter l�ttext
182|visar de 50 f�rsta resultaten
183|Ingen l�t hittad, prova ett annat s�kord
184|Fel ID3 tags, inte postad
185|Du �r ej till�ten att posta karaoke manuellt �n. Spela om skapad karaoke och den vill bli postad automatiskt.
186|Gick ej att skicka, f�rs�k igen.
187|Karaoken du skapade m�ter sig inte med v�r kritering. Prova att g�ra en ny
188|Du �ndrade titeln manuellt./nVill du spara l�ttexterna under orginal namn (%1)?/nOm du g�r det, s� n�xta g�ng du spelar l�ten visas dessa l�ttexter
189|Karaoken vart utbytt under spelning. Vill du spara dessa �ndringar?
190|Karaoken vart �ndrad. Den vill bli postad n�sta g�ng du spelar den
191|Hittade %1 tidst�mplar i l�t %2 inom %3/nOm tiden inte matchar den visade tiden i din spelare, l�s instruktionerna och spela in din karaoke igen/nSpara inspelad karaoke nu? //like detected 22 timestamps in song Britney Spears - Lucky within 3:40
192|Karaoke fil sparad. Spela l�ten igen, om karaoken sparades r�tt kommer den bli skickad till servern.
193|Just nerladdad //Meaning lyrics were downloaded "in this moment"
194|tankar hem ...
195|L�ttext ej hittad
196|Inga l�ttexter. G� till online l�ge f�r att h�mta dem
197|Inga filter anv�nda.
198|anv�nder s�kord //lowercase .. meaning "using keyword keyword" ... like "using keyword songtexten"
199|%1 s�ng v�ntar i k� //during mass downloading
200|Din l�ttext �r sparad i "lyrics.txt" i din EvilLyrics katalog. Vill du �ppna den i anteckningar nu?
201|Inga l�ttexter hittade i text databasen, visar relaterad sida
202|karaoke INTE uppladdad �n - l�t den spela f�rdigt f�rst
203|karaoke av %1 //karaoke by JohnDoe
204|Fel lyric? Prova n�sta resultat med 'Next/N�sta' knappen ...
205|Karaoke till denna s�ng finns!
206|Tryck "mun" ikonen f�r att h�mta karaoke
207|Postnings inst�llningarna inte ifyllda riktigt //displayed while posting lyrics to a webpage (error)
208|postar ... //displayed while posting lyrics to a webpage
209|st�dar ... //displayed while parsing (cleaning) downloaded lyrics
210|Kan inte hitta l�ttext till l�ten. L�s n�gra tips om hur du f�rb�ttrar din s�kning
211|Fr�n cachen - nerladdat den %1 //followed by date and time
212|[%1] sparar: %2 [%3 positioner sparade] //like [00:58] saving: Lucky [8 positions saved] ... ie %1=time, %2=song name, %3=number of timestamps saved
213|F�rdig //or Finished or whatever ... something has finished
214|Inte hittad
215|V�lj sida och tryck ENTER //on submit lyrics dialog ... bellow it is the list of sites
216|Ingen karaoke att ta bort
217|Karaoke finns inte eller s� finns den redan // can rephrase like "karaoke doesn't exist or it was already submitted"
218|Kunde inte hitta artistnamn, fixa dina ID3 taggar //while searching for poster .. we need to get artist name ... if mp3 is not tagged properly we can't get it
219|Skriv n�gra ord fr�n l�ttexten (anv�nd space efter varje ord) //fulltext song search
220|Du importerar tidst�mplel fil f�r den just nu spelande:/n%1/nKolla att din mp3 l�ngd �r exakt %2 // like you importing timestamp file for britney spears, check if length is approximately 3:22
//batch downloading related
221|R�sta f�r karaoke filen h�r
222|Ej supporterad l�tlist fil
223|L�tlista med mer �n %1 �r ej supporterad
224|EvilLyrics vill nu f�rs�ka laddahem/nl�ttexter till %1 l�tar //like EvilLyrics will now try to download lyrics to 15 songs ... displayed when you drop a playlist into evillyrics window
225|Tidst�mplarna �r nu sparade. F�lj instruktionerna //after you press karaoke recording button // displayed in statusbar when you press karaoke recording button
226|F�r att starta g�ra tidst�mplar tryck STOP sen PLAY i din media spelare./nTiden i spelaren och EvilLyrics m�ste bli synchroniserade! //displayed in popup window when karaoke recording button pressed
227|Inga l�ttexter laddade /// in karaoke recording mode when there are no lyrics
228|Karaoke sparning av // araoke mode turned off using teh button
229|Sid information ej tillg�nglig //when you try to open original page in your browser (using globe icon) but original location information is not available so it cannot be opened
230|Kunde inte h�mta l�tar av denna artist
231|Sparar l�ttext //displayed as tooltip on Save button in toolbar when it's pressed
232|Edit/�ndrings l�ge - click Save icon to resume lyrics fetching
233|F�r stor - skippar ... // when too large file is being downloaded ... over 100kb ... we know it's nt lyrics because lyrics pages don't use to be that big so we just cancel downloading
234|laddar hem fr�n %1 (%2 bytes) //in statusbar ... like: downloading from lyrics.com (3000 bytes)
235|omdirigera sida (#%1) ... //nth redirection while downloading ... like Redirecting (#2) ...
236|Ingen karaoke finns tillg�nglig till denna l�t
237|Karaoke bar - klicka p� texten h�r under f�r att g�mma windows titeln. //displayed on top of the karaoke bar when it is in "border" mode
238|Rapportera felaktigt "%1" filter //like: Report incorrect "lyrics.com" filter
239|l�ttext fr�n //followed by site name
240|Laddar hem fr�n %1 ... //like: downloading from lyrics.com ...
241|Ansluter till %1 ...
242|[%1] filter aktiverat //like: [sing365] filter used
243|l�r dig mer //clickable popup link
245|Wrap toolbar
246|Karaoke file length does not match song length. Not posting to server ...
247|Login/password OK. You can now post karaoke under your name. //for testing karaoke credentials
248|Test //for testing karaoke credentials
249|Encoding //for changing text encoding (right click menu - encoding names will stay in english ... for now)
250|Hittade ej accord //Chords not found
251|S�ker ...
252|�ppnar %1 i din webl�sare ... //Like "Opening www.evillabs.sk in your browser ...
253|Stoppad //after hitting stop button
254|h�mtar l�tnamn ...
255|Justera karaoke skrollning
256|Exportera till LRC
257|Spara skapade karaokefiler i LRC format
258|H�mta �vers�ttningar
259|Uppdatera //As description of a button to force update
260|Program //Application file update date
261|MilkDrop support
262|Karaokefilen har annan l�ttext �n din. Vill du uppdatera din fil fr�n orginalplatsen? //Karaoke was created for different lyrics than yours. Would you like to reload them from original location?
263|Du m�ste k�ra Winamp med Milkdrop
264|Texten/Texterna �r l�sta. L�s upp dem f�r att skriva till fil ...
265|L�s/L�s upp lyrik
266|Auto-finn teckensnitt
267|Submit lyrics clean-up suggestion
268|Lyrics not cleaned? Click status bar to submit filter suggestion.
269|Lyriken m�ter inte upp med kriterierna
270|Inte registrerad eller fel login/l�senord kombination. Registrera dig h�r
271|Skicka till myLyrics
272|�ppna myLyrics
273|�ndringar sparade //Changes saved
274|Vill du �ndra ditt inlogg/l�senord till %1/%2 ? //Do you want to change your login/password to %1/%2 ? - i.e. do you want to change change your login/password to John/secret ?
275|Andra inst�llningar //Other options
276|Visa med spelare //Show with player - tells whether to bring EL window to front when you focus your media player
277|Lista ej uppskickade karaoke filer//List unsubmitted karaoke files
278|Karaoke bar when available
279|Add Lyrics tags in iTunes
280|Remember my action and don't show again
281|Automatic karaoke download
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