10. 10. 2012 (build 144) 0.1.91
  • Fixed lyrics download
  • Spotify support
  • AIMP2 support
  • VLC support
  • WMP Classic support
23. 06. 2007 (build 143) 0.1.9 Final
  • 1by1 player support
  • Yahoo Launchcast support
  • Pandora support (via OpenPandora app)
  • Automatic karaoke downloading (check the Preferences)
  • bug fixes and various minor improvements
30. 10. 2006 (build 142) 0.1.8 Final
  • fixed recent search bug
  • some karaoke related "nags" were made optional
  • automatic tagging of tracks in iTunes
20. 07. 2005 (build 141) RC3
  • feature: meedio support
  • feature: auto show/hide toolbar and statusbar in compact mode
  • feature: list unsubmitted karaoke files
  • feature: show scrollbars only when needed
  • feature: karaoke bar center/left aligment (double click to toggle)
  • feature: change fontsize using ctrl+mousewheel
  • feature: ctrl+k to get karaoke
  • feature: shift+mouse to move the window
  • feature: milkdrop nudge: offset all karaoke files for specified number of intervals (5ths of the second) when milkdrop is running (via settings.txt)
  • bugfixes
24. 06. 2005 (build 140) RC2
  • Limited JetAudio support
  • removed edit/view modes; edit is now default mode (find-as-you-type now works only when lyrics are locked)
  • bring to front with player
  • improved multiple filter handling
  • improved filter submission
  • auto logging to mylyrics via "go to mylyrics button"
  • redirect keywords ("404" redirect by default) + more settings editable in the last section of settings.txt
23. 05. 2005 (build 139) RC1
  • Native iTunes support (no plugin needed)
  • Yahoo! Music Machine Support
  • myLyrics portal
  • fixes and improvements
22. 03. 2005 (build 138)
  • feature: filter submission (click on statusbar)
  • feature: optional auto-charset detection (should work mainly for central european languages, hebrew and russian)
  • feature: albumplayer support
  • change: redirection algorithm changed
  • fix: missing russian "v" bug
  • fix: toolbar customization kept resetting
  • fix: karaoke highlighting fixes
  • various minor fixes
21. 02. 2005 (build 137)
  • fix: "allow unknown sites" now works as supposed
  • feature: lock lyrics (against accidental overwriting)
  • fix: strings [Paused] and [Stopped] are now filterd out of winamp's song name
  • fix: improved dictionary "word under the cursor" detection
04. 02. 2005 (build 136)
  • feature: one click karaoke download: single click on karaoke icon fetches karaoke, double
  • click opens the list in your browser
  • feature: Milkdrop support: when you click on Milkdrop button, EL tries to start MilkDrop in your Winamp and then broadcast karaoke lines into it
  • feature: new parameters for "Post to URL": &url=[url of the downloaded lyrics]&filtered=[1 or 0 depending on if lyrics were filtered]
  • feature: KaraokeFix: little application run in installer that tries to match your karaoke files with lyrics files and then sends lyrics urls to our server
  • feature: karaoke url: karaoke files are now posted with url of the lyrics if possible. also, when importing karaoke, if url of the lyrics is available it is imported along with karaoke and you are asked if you want to reload the lyrics site that karaoke was created for
  • fix: lyrics were not posted if they were longer than 2083 bytes
  • fix: dlls are now saved and registered in EL folder (possible solution for dll conflicts with other applications)
  • minor fixes
03. 11. 2004 (build 135)
  • feature: select interface language in the installer
  • change: karaoke bar resizing behavior
  • change: no more karaoke popup alert
  • some improvements in localization + resized controls
  • feature: encoding submenu
  • feature: now showing download progress in compact mode too
  • feature: option for storing karaokes in lrc too
  • feature: Export to LRC (get evilexport from addons section first)
  • change: iTunes 4.7 support (new version of mplugin by localhost)
  • change: new icons
14. 09. 2004 (build 134)
  • feature: localization support
  • feature: toolbar wrapping option
  • change: "skinless" Windows Media Player 10 support (check WMP plugin option in installer) - experimental, might not work for everyone
27. 08. 2004 (build 133)
  • ctrl+s shortcut sets focus into search bar
  • xmplay support
  • karaoke index update from statusbar (when outdated)
  • box with all available info about lyrics and karaoke when clicking on cache icon (or by selecting cache info from menu)
  • fixed `other songs by same artist`
  • charset settings were resetted when you when opening and closing preferences dialog without setting charset
  • fixed allmusic guide search
  • when empty text returned we resume to next song (happened with musicsonglyrics)
  • itunes and foobar `install directory not found` installer bug fixed
  • installer now suggests you to fix winamp's and xmplay's title formatting
  • EL now alerts you that karaoke file you created hasn't been uploaded yet
  • if artist or song name is a number it won't filter them (whatever are the number filtering settings)
  • copy lyrics path to clipboard
  • bug: evillyrics started with winamp even if option was unchecked
  • error when opening large file (Error 6: Overflow)
  • toolbar customization settings were not remembered
16. 07. 2004 (build 132)
  • feature: full text search within cache
  • feature: clean lyrics (right click on lyrics pane and chose clean - it deletes current text and saves it)
  • change: print function changed to simple opening notepad with current lyrics loaded
  • change: ctrl+shift+e now minimizes/restores evillyrics (global hotkey)
  • change: cache icon now shows also file download date in tooltip
  • some changes made to WMP plugin installation process
  • big: foobar icon shown instead of winamp's one
  • bug: evillyrics started minimized when using tray mode
  • minor fixes
29. 06. 2004 (build 131)
  • fix: plugin for WMP 9 now activated by installer (you may need to use Windows Update to get latest version of Windows Media Player 9 to get it to work)
  • feature: plugin for Foobar2000 (tweaked foo_winamp_spam by www.r1ch.net)
  • feature: direct karaoke fetching
  • fix: another fix for "travelling" karaoke bar
  • more info on recent changes »»
18. 06. 2004 (build 130) 31. 05. 2004 (build 129)
  • feature: option to insert lyrics into AIM profile
  • feature: list all songs by a current artist
  • statusbar help
24. 05. 2004 (build 128)
  • Windows Media Player support (plugin, works without changing skin) - experimental
  • feature: fulltext lyrics search
  • feature: dictionary (select a word and click "explain")
  • "delete cache" doesn't delete all folders (0-9 etc)
  • bug: accidental cache overwrite
  • feature: now it resumes to the next search result if returned text is empty
  • bug: karaoke cycling when winamp is paused
  • "_" folder when searchbox empty issue
  • karaoke index lost when updating offline
  • bug: copy & paste not working properly
  • bug: karaoke not working with itunes
  • bug: clicking on tray icon while message box displayed caused error
  • feature: option to not exclude bracketed text
  • karaoke not posted when using with winamp
  • feature: option to allow/disallow karaoke scrolling
  • feature: current lyrics printing (using notepad)

19. 04. 2004 - version 0.1.7 release
19. 04. 2004 (build 127)
  • Statusbar menu: karaoke voting, wrong filter reporting
  • fix: font options now properly applied on karaoke bar
  • fix: always on top options bug
15. 04. 2004 (build 126)
  • karaokebar position fixed again?
  • karaoke submenu
  • feature: delete karaoke
  • feature: submit karaoke - you can submit manually without replaying song if you posted more than 5 files (under your name - i.e. not anonymous)
  • fix: another fi
  • for replacement of stranche characters with a underscore in filenames
  • feature: karaoke now responds to slider and doubleclick on same item in playlist (winamp 2 & 5)
  • feature: song lenght considered when looking for karaoke file
  • feature: button - set to default settings (will quit evillyrics)

14. 04. 2004 (build 125)
  • bug: error 13 on song change
  • bug: error 9 on start
  • feature: copy,paste items in menu (edit/non-edit mode)
  • feature: disable winamps autostartup from EL
  • fix: tray icon related features (single, double, right click) were re-coded
  • change: remove karaoke bar color change
  • fix: place of mouth icon in karaoke bar was still clickable even if icon was not shown
  • feature: message when going to offline mode
  • change: karaoke style window is cleared immediately when you change to other song now (also title in karaoke bar)
  • fixed foobar detection (foobar versions 0.8 and > should now work even if minimized)
  • feature: maximize button
  • fix: returned statusbar tooltips
  • bug: registry entry related to toolbar customization was put in HKCU root
  • fix: karaoke bar position wasn't remembered properly when you quit EL while it was in border mode
  • change: weird characters are now replaced by a underscore in filenames (please test it as i wasn't able to create weird enough characters)
08. 04. 2004
  • online/offline mode
  • fix: forgotten dirlist box removed
  • fix: autoresave now really works
07. 04. 2004
  • feature: 2 types of cache organization, option in preferences, cache rebuilding
  • change: VB Runtimes detection method changed
  • bug: another 402 bug when clicking on the tray icon
  • change: font settings applied immediately to main window when karaoked lyrics displayed
  • bug: another (hopefully working) fix for not responding tray icon

04. 04. 2004
  • bug: fixed bug in the installer

02. 04. 2004
  • bug: "AutoSave changed titles" now really applied when checked in Preferences
  • bug: error when minimizing by doubleclicking on tray icon while Preferences dialog is opened
  • bug: error 9, related to new Keyword list
  • bug: run-time error '364' on quitting EvilLyrics
  • thanks to StLucifer
  • change: normal mode (no tray) by default
  • feature: more advanced uninstaller
  • change: netdetect introduced again - if connection not available on EvilLyrics start it works in offline mode until you start it again (at least it should, please report)

01. 04. 2004
  • cache path dialog
  • option to autosave lyrics under original song name retrieved from player when manually edited in evillyrics (eh, confusing)
  • minimize on close is now optional (off by default)
  • Karaoke bar not shown on first start
  • filter downloading info
  • font name settings aplied to karaoke bar too
  • bug: filter standalone numbers=filter all numbers
  • store edit info in lyrics so hand edited files are not overwritten (due to "retry after a week" feature)
  • redesing of prefereces dialog
  • bug: toolbar resets when clicking on "edit" button
  • feature: keyword picker remembers last keywords
  • optional keyword picker in main window
  • version checker
  • versioning changed
29. 03. 2004
  • change: minimize on close
  • change: proxy changed again
  • fix: submit lyrics doesn't work
  • added: proxy authorisation experimentally added (experimentally = not sure if it really works)
  • change: mswinsck.ocx added to installation file (not downloading it any more - unreliable)
  • fix: compact mode change is now disabled when EL is minimized in tray
  • some playing with unicode search (common western-european accented characters should now work (?))
23. 03. 2004
  • feature: karaoke alerts are now optional
  • feature: clickable karaoke alert in karaoke bar
  • change: chord search using fretplay.com
  • change: search part redone - less hit's on search engines
12. 03. 2004
  • fixed: error in font dialog (needs more testing)
  • fixed: if using old version of mswinsck.ocx it is replaced by new one on install
  • change: everything in "{}" brackets is filtered from player title before using other filters
11. 03. 2004
  • feature: RealOne player support
10. 03. 2004
  • feature: hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+E (Show EvilLyrics when behind other windows or restores it when minimized)
  • change: karaoke bar can be shown/hidden from popup menu
  • fix: single click on tray works also when preferences dialog is open now
  • fix: karaoke bar doesn't wrap anymore
  • fix: wrong karaoke bar size saved when closed while it has borders
  • feature: right click on karaoke bar shows popup menu too
  • feature: clickable karaoke icon in statusbar - only if karaoke file available
  • more verbose descriptions of statusbar icons
28. 02. 2004
  • feature: popup menu on window and in system tray
  • feature: compact mode
  • feature: "Go" button
  • change: new Foobar icon
27. 02. 2004
  • feature: option: we now try to redownload "wrong" lyrics stored in the cache after they are more than one week old
  • feature: description of the toolbar buttons is now also shown in statusbar (workaround for hidden tooltips in "Always on top" mode
  • change: Options dialog redesign
23. 02. 2004
  • change: changed Foobar detecting (actually Fooobar folks changed some things, i'm not sure whether this fix will work with next betas of Foobar)
  • change: changed iTunes folder detection
  • change: karaoke file is now not posted when artist name is missing
  • added: Added ELLO icon to toolbar if ello.exe is found in main directory
21. 02. 2004
  • added: plugin which launches EvilLyrics when Winamp starts (made by Sam Kennedy)
  • change: karaoke index format chaged again (1 song expressed by 5 bytes). You need to upgrade to make karaoke checking work again
  • added: Window Media Player support setup instructions added into installer
19. 02. 2004
  • change: you can now import karaoke by clicking on the link at our webpage (instead of dragging selected text)
  • added: karaoke shifting
  • fixed: error 53 (at least i hope it's fixed)
17. 02. 2004
  • change: karaoke index format changed once again, now it better packed binary file
16. 02. 2004
  • feature: saving current karaoke line
  • change: saving of current info into file is now optional
16. 02. 2004
  • change: Karaoke bar position and state remembered between sessions
  • feature: better "karaoke available" alert
16. 02. 2004
  • change: Auto check karaoke now using md5 hashes (thanks to samrolken)
  • fixed: bug in the installer, mswinsck.ocx now registered properly
11. 02. 2004
  • fixed: should remember positions on systems with multiple monitors
04. 02. 2004
  • feature: Now playing .. (current lyrics stored in nowplaying.txt and nowplaying.htm files)
  • feature: Auto check karaoke
  • change: three modes of number filtering
  • fixes
29. 01. 2004
  • added: experimental iTunes support
  • fixed: accidental cache overwrite
  • added: album poster search
  • fixed: should remember codepage settings (western, cyrilic, hebrew etc)
10. 12. 2003
  • fixed: crash on karaoke posting
  • fixed: pasting in edit mode
  • fixed: on pressing Edit button second time old version of lyrics was shown
  • changed: when EL window is not hidden, single click on tray icon now brings window on top of other windows
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