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Rancid - Arrested In Shanghai (04:15)
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They were sure I was guilty, but I committed no crime
They said: confessions bring lenience, so that put me on the line
So I, protest the massacres at the Talliman Square
My friends say yo, stay away man, you better not go fucking back there
Watch this
One night I might write about my opinions about the state
And the freedom of expression they would never tolerate
And the, military secrets that I never did steal
I didnt start no violence, no, and there was nobody that I killed
So I had a clear account of all abusers of power
And the memories of homeland all gone sour
And I only got one weapon, its so plain for me to see
My only weapon I call, poetry

And I dont even know why
The truth seems like a lie
In my cell there is no sky
When I was arrested in Shanghai

Now, in a world of privilege I was not born
But, the devotion of freedom and liberty I was sworn
So, every emotion is studied, watched their control
Who gets paid, who gets disciplined, who gets born
So, transmitting beams my coordinates, anywhere on Earth
And, as radio waves, surveillance, satellite bursts
Open up your skull and let some knowledge come in
Ya, crack open the cranium and let awareness begin

And I dont even know why
The truth seems like a lie
In my cell there is no sky
When I was arrested in Shanghai
When I was arrested in Shanghai
When I was arrested in Shanghai

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