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Murderdolls - 197666 (02:19)
created by anonymous
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In 197666 I was born a bastard and a son of a bitch
And I'm sick, sick motherfucker sick

In 197666 I nailed a GI Joe to a crucifix
And I'm sick, sick motherfucker sick
I don't wanna' commit suicide
I just wanna' commit a homicide
Oh yeah, that's what I am
'76 born a son of a bitch
'76 born a son of a bitch
Oh yeah, that's what I am

In 197666 I had a porno mag inside my crib
And I'm sick, sick motherfucker sick

In 197666 I killed an animal rights activist
Because animals ain't got no rights, that's right
(Lead: Wednesday 13)
(pre-chorus/chorus) �

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