Karaoke for Moistboyz - Adios Amigo

Moistboyz - Adios Amigo (02:32)
created by ClintJCL
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Flaccid lips and touch your dick--
Your woman broke the band
Pussy whipped and typical shit you pull.
Now you're the fuckin' fool!
I don't know if I like you
and it really doesn't matter now
The bitch controls your dick
you're the victim of the heifer cow
Punk you're not a dude - you're really fuckin' rude
Fuck your attitude - now I can conclude
The only loyalty you know is rich suburban booty
The motherfuckin' song goes out to you--
signed yours truly!

Did you want the money?
Did you like the ride?
You fucked your friends and that's the end
dude, you're fuckin' blind
If you wanna roll, you gotta pay the toll
When the shit goes down -- faggot can't be found
In your room hiddin' and stinkin' in the juicy...
Ain't no rock and roll inside that girl's pussy!
Three fuckin' years ago, you recognized your ego
Your pompous ass is grass now--
Adios Amigo!

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