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Cult Of Luna - Arrival (09:31)
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Oh new day. Wash my face and wipe these scars away
Clear my thoughts. Imagine the last Empire's demise
Oh new dawn. At last I have died and reborn
The rays burnt through my shell
My mission is summoning me

From the depth of earth I crawled
From Heaven's heights I've descended
The last one to know them all
The first to be rejected
Under cover of white light we meet at the first step
Digging graves for a dying world

In the river, in thin air I am floating. Hovering
Following lessons of past mistakes
Gathering knowledge as I grow stronger

I am the poisoned rain from a darkened sky
I am the burning water and the orphans' cry
I live in the ones who have fallen only to reach for the stars
I am the desert wasteland; I am the spring run dry

When I arrive you become a hypocrite, you become a liar
All that was sacred have I sealed in
The day I'll find you is the day I'll save your soul
The night is upon us and the enemy never sleeps

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