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Allister - Scratch (03:19)
created by elmer182
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I've been sitting here for hours
a burning image of her in my mind
finding comfort in what you say
but its not the same

I know you're worth the wait
and I cant explain what I'm going through inside
But I would turn away the world
just to have her here with me tonight

take your time
making sure that
everything feels right
it wont be easy
but im not afraid
she's so far away

you better start from scratch
its now or never
but we cant look back
I need you with me
for another day
shes so far away
yeah far away

Ive been sitting here forever
your voice is resonating in my mind
countless hours with you on the phone
and now im not alone
I know youre worth the wait
and I cant escape
what Im going through inside
but I would turn away the world
just to have her here with me tonight

I know theres no time left for second chances
Still we're right dispite these circumstances
Youve changed me more than you could ever know
So we will just hang on until tomorrow
so take my hand
dont ever let me go�

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