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ATB - Let You Go (03:14)
created by OmOiYuMe
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I've been to all the familiar places
i've been running like a sentence never begun
i've been looking for a way to let you know

i've got nothing left to fill the spaces
i've got nothing but a center coming undone
i've been doing circles and it shows
it shows

every cloud in the sky
every place that i hide
you tell me that i
i was wrong to let you go
every sound that i hear
every thought that i fear
you tell me that i
i was wrong
i was wrong to let you go

it's the little things that makes you crazy
like the thought of someone touching your skin
i can see you everywhere i go
i go

you can be inside a sea of faces
it could be the rumor of your grin
swimming in the river as it flows
it flows


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