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If you don't use the search feature (or you think that ELLO is loading too slowly), disabling it can represent a considerable increase in load speed and a reduction of memory used. Anyway, real differences will be seen only in very large databases.

Realtime search
If you don't like the way that ELLO searches for your artists/songs (right when you type), you can disable this. If it is disabled, you can write what you are looking for in the Search box and then press ENTER to search for it.

Auto-Load Karaoke Editor
If this option is checked, the karaoke editor will open in a tiny column between the songs's list and the textbox. You can edit and fine-tune your timestamps using it.

Check for avaliable timestamps for download
With this option enabled, you will see a different icon in your list for the songs that you don't have the timestamp file, but it is already avaliable for download from the EvilLyrics website.

Check for unfiltered songs
This options let ELLO displays grayed icons for the songs that were downloaded from websites that aren't listed in the database as a "lyrics website".

Manual update of the list
Clicking in this button you can update the list of your lyrics without the need of closing and re-opening the program.

Main lyrics folder
If ELLO isn't finding your lyrics, it is probably that it is looking for them in the wrong folder. In this field, ELLO displays the folder that it is trying to search for them.

Cache organization
Your lyrics might have been cached in two ways: each file under a subfolder, named with the first letter of its artist/band; or all the files in the same folder.

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