Lyrics: Tool - Rosetta Stoned

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This is a vague idea of what's going on lyrically. Much of what is being said is vacant and possibly incorrect. This is merely a beginning. Please help.Rosetta Stoned
All righty then. Picture this if you will.
Grabbed at 2am and actually eating a, you know a box of crispy cremes,
I might need as I approach area 51 contemplating the hoax
whether people think that we've just been inflated
split, the skylight will fill
Never really expect to see in a place like this
diamond something right on my birkenstock and I begin limping
holy fucking shit
fuck you
the day I took my
some kind of blue green wacky shit
my bug eyes, my naked jaw upper lip
all I could think was
I hope a ???
??? my fucking ass

so light his way
like an apparition and you have me crying out
fuck me, sodomy, dead head, killing spree, lot of problems, on top of me, got me singing
can't motherfucking see???
and after calming me down with some orange slices and some ??? pudding
He revealed to me a
singular purpose, he said you are the chosen one.
The one who will deliver the message.
A message of hope for those who choose to hear it
and a warning for those who do not
They need a chosen one
They chose me
and I didn't graduate from fucking high school
She'd better listen
We're sonoferous
don't even know what that means
must remember to write it down,
this is so real,
see my heart is pounding
cause this shit never happens to me
can't breathe, right now, it was so real
Like I woke up and walked around
somewhat terifying
I don't want to be alone when I tell this story
and can anyone tell me why? peanuts dance?
will I ever be coming down
this is so real, finally it's my lucky day
see my heart is racing
cause this shit never happens to me
can't breathe right now
you believe me down't you, please believe what I just said
see they're telling true
and this wasn't all in my head
see they took me by the hand and invited me right in
and they showed me something
I don't even know where to begin
Strapped down to my bed, feet cold and eyes red, I'm out of my head, am I alive am I dead, can't remember what they said god damn shit the bed
High and I??? (repeated)

Move about as one would be placed in my position,
such a heavy burden now to be the one
born to bear and read to all
the details of our ending
to write it down for all the world to see
I forgot my head, shit the bed again typical
strapped down to my bed, feet cold and eyes red I'm out of my head am I alive am I dead,
sunkist and sudafed, gyroscopes, and infra red, won't help, brain dead, can't remember what they said.
god damn shit the bed
IIIIIII can't remember what they said to me
Can't remember what they said to me, made out to be a hero
Can't remember what they said
oh no, help now
God damn shit the bed

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