Lyrics: Promatic - life ft king gordy

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f/ King Gordy
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In breaking news, seven people dead, thirty-five wounded
after another suicide bomber strikes in a bus stop in Northern Jerusalem
Breakin news, the twin towers in Manhattan have just collapsed
by being struck buy two unidentified planes
Ghetto children, its a different world
Its more scandalous everyday, but they dont really care about us
No more picket fences, no more green grass
No more children playing outside, no more mom and dad
Things are different
No more birthday gifts and good deeds that people do for nothing
Its all about something
Is it drugs, is it sex, is it money
Is real life television supposed to be funny
Yo its funny what we find to entertain ourselves
Yo its funny how we got here and changed ourselves
Are we going to hell or are we already here
Locked down in the cell with 10 tattooed tears niggas
Swallow your fears, we in the present building a future
Cant go back to yesterday, now I gots to shoot ya
They say its politics, but the streets shit to me
Its All About Politics you cant tell that shit to a G
Nigga please my dogs aint eatin, we in the trenches
With dauphins killers, haters and scandalous bitches

My mind has a foul (?), the problem son
Watch the preacher preach and eating gobble swan
I was fine until daddy bust
It was all family love,fuck and daddys nuts
But mama had to push, dropped me ten-two
Now i bear with this watch the evil men do
Aint no (?) oppertunity
Its like theres only one plan that gots to role with me
Minority crisis to fight this stock exchange
While you flood out blocks with caine for pocket change
The illest sight of my life, a cracked head with morning sickness
Tell me why the baby gotta be born addicted
In this cold world with sin drives and daylight
How the fuck we got gay rights than have slave rights
Today might be my last
(?) might see my ass
The first straight (?) they think i hate fags
I dont hate fags, i just hate people
That break equal ties, make secret lies
Like I slept through one night, my life was dead wrong
Surrounded by internet perverts and kid porn
My shits warm and now Im pissing hot
Kids get popped by all these twisted cops
Fuck when this shit gonna stop, in the days of truth
Jumping of the highest roof trying to save the youth

[Hook] x2
Murdering human beings, no regards for anything
Dope fiends, coke kings, neighbourhood (?)
Open me, close me, oh please hold me
Daddy didnt want me, Mamma never told me

[King Gordy]
Karosene heaters heat the house up
Borrowing water from my neighbours just so I can wash up
Using candles to see my way through the crib
Its eight of us thats the way that we live
Cant tell you when i last ate a meal
Stomach growling, nigga hungry than a motherfucker
Mammas out smoking, please put some groceries in this motherfucker
Thats why i chill at crack houses and get rapped
They push some weight, I make a hundred fucking dollars a day
That go blunts, King Gordy
I just cant take it living bare naked sleeping with a scarf
(????) three blankets
Hoping police raid us, take us away
I wait for the day, to have a warm place for us to stay
Now Ive been shot at, beat the fuck down (?)
I even cocked back (???)
Im from the ghetto, unemployed, dropped out at age eleven
With a wife and three kids, ah shit Im James Evans
[Hook] x2
Murdering human beings, no regards for anything
Dope fiends, coke kings, neighbourhood (?)
Open me, close me, oh please hold me
Daddy didnt want me, Mamma never told me
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