Lyrics: Lowkey - Relatives

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The views expressed on this track are not directly those of lowkey or logic, were just drawing attention to the lifestyles that some people lead
Lowkey: I was born in Birmancy, one of the south parts
Logic: And I was born in Bazara, southside of Iraq
Lowkey: We used to play football outside in the park
Logic: We used to dodge bullets outside in the dark
Lowkey: I never prayed, I was told there isn?t a god
Logic: I prayed 5 times a day its like I lived in a mosque
Lowkey: Me, I?m easy with a pint and some cricket to watch
Logic: They sanctioned everything we got, so now it isn?t a lot
Lowkey: My mom and dad worked hard, always had employment
Logic: My mom just left and my dad got poisoned
I was young but I was told that the government did it
Lowkey: From my heart I can say that I love being British
I grew with 5 older brothers and sisters
Logic: Yeah I had a lot of siblings but some have gone missing
Now it?s just me and my little sis
Lowkey: Britain?s got a lot of immigrants; they take our jobs everyday I swear I?m sick of it
Logic: My Uncles trying to get to Britain quick
Lowkey: I?m trying to find a job
Logic: Me I?m still illiterate
Lowkey: every 2 weeks I?m signing on
Logic: we only had school a little bit
Lowkey: I got kicked out of school very early, labeled as an idiot
Logic: Before my uncle left us, he gave me his gun
Lowkey: my girl just gave me a son
Logic: You see its hot where I live, every day I bake in the sun
Lowkey: Its cold where I live so I read every page to my son
And I?m getting mad, with what I look at and read
Logic: I just met a couple elders that ???.
Lowkey: My dad told me joining an army would be good for the peace
Logic: I started meeting, now I?m training with the mujahedeen
Because I?ve heard that the westerners are coming with bombs
Lowkey: I spent months in the regiment training up to be shot
Logic: But this is my land, my country, ill defend it till I pass
Lowkey: I just got the message that they?re sending me to Iraq
Our pain is the same, but its all relative
They cried the same tears, you cried for your relatives
And one way or another, my brother were all relatives
Home is where the heart is, yeah that?s where it is (2X)
Lowkey: Now I?m in the south of Iraq, it?s a smelly place
I don?t know who to trust, everybody?s got a hairy face
Logic: And Bazara?s a scary place, its worse than it used to be
They?re dropping bombs everyday
Lowkey: Even little boys shooting me
Logic: I shoot at white faces, and any green suit I see
Lowkey: Every regiment?s lost a couple of troops; we?ve lost 2 or 3
Logic: I still go to pray in the same place the mosque used to be
Lowkey: I see little kids starving to death, with no food to eat,
But an orders an order, we?ve got to clean the city up
Logic: they see how we?re suffering, and still they don?t pity us
They shoot us every day tomorrow?s probably me
Lowkey: We?re trying to help these bastards, but its like they don?t want to be free
Logic: Yeah these people don?t know what freedom is
Lowkey: I saw my colleague rape a woman against her will, but I didn?t agree with it
Logic: I shot a soldier in the face, and then I hacked ?. Real quick
Lowkey: My sergeant got shot in his face by some dumb young kid,
Now I just want to go home that?s where my heart is
Logic: My heart is in Bazara, and never will I part it
Lowkey: this wars going nowhere, tell me why did we start it?
Logic: I?m fighting regardless till I?m resting where Allah is
Lowkey: come to think of it, I should have never joined the army
And when I think about it, I don?t hate these Iraqi?s
Logic: Yeah bullets flying past me, I?m scared but I cant run,
I take my sister upstairs and get my uncles old gun
Lowkey: Don?t know if its terrorists or just some civilians,
but I?ve been told to neutralize the threat up in that building
Logic: I see the soldiers they?re about to pass, I take my pistol out and blast
Lowkey: A bullet wizzes by my face and tears my friends mouth apart,
I saw red, and starting shooting to make em all dead
Logic: I tried to guard my sister, but a bullet hit her forehead
Lowkey: I ran up the steps to see if I buried them all
But all I saw was my little sister dead on the floor
Our pain is the same, but its all relative
They cried the same tears, you cried for your relatives
And one way or another, my brother were all relatives
Home is where the heart is, yeah that?s where it is
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