Lyrics: In Flames - Scream

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1. Isserggia's Hope[Isserggia]
If only this key and its fleetin' ghosts of melody could mesmerize my hands; If only I were to bring you back by weaving and carvin' his divine ballade
Into my heart, playin' it to border on ecstasy.
If only I could drag back the tremors and litanies of your symphony...
...If only I could deceive time...
This is the genesis my love...
This key was the very first step
Towards you...
The call of my wild serenades
And your heart's rest

2. Silent Lullabies

Raised by my death,
Unleashed diamond grave
I remember...
Real spasms of shadows
Laid in sighs of my eyes,
Dark lips of hope
I feel the presence of my
Saviour; he came once...
His pale hands, his convulse
breathin' and
His shakin' dance on my old dress of
Come, Count Veilembre, give me
Your embrace
Inside your winged cape lullabies in silence
Dwelt deep floodin' in your heart
A cobweb born from dreams
Weak infant crystal choir murmurin'
Unveiled, a romance of disgrace
All quiverin' memories painful on deathbed,
King Seal's tears
Memories of a dark moon

3. A Vision They Shared

[King Seal & Queen Instria]
I feel, rapin' all my mind,
Freezin' ghosts dancin' around
Cryin' through hell drives me insane
While my soul burns in time
You enjoy my death-I'll curse your soul with my spells
No Prince from your womb-I'll wretch you and all your dreams
Oh! your sinful lust-Thirteen nymphs will tear you apart
My breath won't die-My Nymph's white eyes
I'll bring the powers shinin' at night
Invoke breeze of black storm
Thirteen nymphs will show white eyes
Ebony vultures will fly
You enjoy my death-I'll curse your soul with my spells
No Prince from your womb-I'll wretch you and all your dreams
Oh! your sinful lust-Thirteen nymphs will tear you apart
My rhymes will return-Your last voice is melody
They will breed your son-Three tremblin' vultures will star
Mylast hero- No one will sing

4. Velvet Eyes

Vultures, thirteen white eyed nymphs with
The frozen echo of a young wind enraged
Shadows of a cobweb torn down
Memories of rhymed lines like poems of life
King Seal's soul
His nightfall, last of four nights
Fallin' of stars in delusion
Cliff shadows, raven's old bright wings
Black eyes lie lurkin'
Hail to the dead bridegroom
That night carryin' lorn cobweb
Memories in silence came back to me
My Prince born through vulture's bad bites
On a frozen pond flanked by two oak trees
From ancient times
My Vampire, he has black swan's hearts
Velvet eyes, misty signs which can, oh!
Mesmerize my face's moon,
Shini' and glowin' face of night
Layin' on my bed of lilies
Firefliesm cries and grim life: I left my flesh

5. iiaonman iibiich Vampires

[Dhalstai, Ambarllia, Yalmare, Leddnizzia & Imperiah]
iaonman iibiich live, live,
Bloodied be hinloa samuoan
Lie mother my sufferin', stronger is my mind
Layin' my words so brave, sweet, so...
never life so far
Slaves of our passion, we drown deepin' in sighs
Please, we want our death like dew
Leave our mind to decide
ianonman iibiich live, live
Bloodied be hinloa samuoan
Swallowin' our deadly dreams, gloomy memories come back to me
Mildly in agony we wait
All nightfall our knowledge became like a fadin' rain
Everytime we may fall enslave
Terrible past flowin' in these veins
Waitin' for silence that drives us insane
Mercy in your eye, nightmares on lips
Macabre damsels slaves of these gems
Drained of blood, merely death
Spells on the rain marries our love
Melodies will not die in our veins

6. Labyrinths Of Earth

[Dhalstai, Ambarllia, Yalmare, Leddnizzia & Imperiah]
Scythed by our agony and
Pain that grows inside,
We consecrate our sleepin' beauties,
And try to leech our blood
Our knowledge rose behind him,
Dreadful knight of grace
We tried to move and
Free ourselves from
This everlasting ice
Our nakeness licked by the Count
Exhalin' hell to burn
Symphonies of blood arise
Through labyrinths of earth
Fadin' silence came through unlife
While his cape embraced us
Hooded eyes decay, the damned
Darkness of our loom
No one feels our lustful cry...
Melodies arise through rain,
Melt away in flames
Now we lay without our life,
Waitin' for the end
Live again across my veins,
Bewitch my tearful brain
In your eyes I see the blaze
Burnin' through the grave
Dark Knight, burnin'
Through my grave,
My dark grave...
Under the nightshade
Our lifeless hair
Suck, the livin' lymph.
Bloody tears of roses...
Stand fairly close to us,
So close and murmur
Your ecstasy again
Lord, tremblin' our wanton flesh

7. Lactate Veins

Landward I saw you
Inside the old womb of time, lorn
You are your loom through my time, light
Mother of pearl, my eyes dyin'
I feel your breeze...
How long this way, now
Like larval flames burn
choosin' my life, flowin' in my veins
Lactate Veins...
Lost in your mind, melted in your breath
For ever Lord you'll touch my cries
Glowin' in your arms, flowin' in your calm
Nibblin' all your soul
Betitchin' tone on
Elusive candlelight guides far
And a Crystal Serpent like melody comes to you
And feels in your heart like merciless death

8. Bloody Ballade

I'll never die, I hold my blaze on storm witched whirl
True ways are flowin' on leaden skies
Deity and mist, that are that mirth behind my death
While groans melt in whispers my hymns are thine
I'll be there-fight
In your eyes-light
Through the dark-reign
All your pain
In your mist-lost
With your wings-flight
Through your mind-rape
All your dreams, all
Lain' to lie, and right away, strugglin' through your veins
Your heart...
'Till I bite thy neck again, this fall won't be sweet in vain
Fallin' leaves, like tears comin' down from scary lights
On thy pale lips like diamonds cryin'
Dyin' away from my life I get lost in thy
Gloomy eyes that I'll never stray over and ever again
Bloody ballade
Bloody Ballade right away, strugglin' through my veins
Again life
Bloody balladem life...
[dedicated to my brother Brando & Mary]

9. Rainbow Seeker

It's cold...I feel lured in my mud-eyes...
I see you layin' by the pond
And I can laugh and I can cry
I want to kiss your lifeless hair...
I'm tryin' to embellish my rainbow now eerie glow...
I need more orphan's eyes, shiftin' colours for my rainbow
Feminie eyes' light I seek all over
Come to my castle of flames over the'll be dressed
Welcome to all the secrets of my gloomy life
Touchin' the glass doors look at the crescent moon
I'm tryin' to embellish my rainbow now. Stay with me!
Trails of lightyour wore...forever lost
I will guide you, through iron gate doors
I never leave you, I never flee from you. No more weepin'
No more tears,my fairy.Stay with me and you will wear eternal life's light
I saw my years pass through our lives. Exquisite perfumes, golden shades
Ancient tapestries and more...but she wants a little knight
Runni' after in the castle 's hallways
Goodnight kissin' at nightfall, she loves her child
Throughout, life like a percious gift for her
For my rainbow feminine eyes' light
I seek all over...Come to my castle of flames
Over the forest. You''l be dressed with clothes of wind,
Stay with me and you will wear eternal life's light.

10. Close Every Door

[Count Veilmbre]
Closer every door to me
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows and shut off the light
Do what you want to me
Hit me and laugh at me
Darken my day time and torture my night
If my life were importat I would ask
Will I leave her die
But I know the answers lay far from my world
Close every door to me
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel are never alone
For I know I shall find my own peace of mind
For I have been promised a land of my own
Moments of disgrace
One blazing storm
And Count Veilmbre
Give me your embrace
Just give me a number
Instead of my name
Forget all about me and let me decay
I do not matter
I'm only one person
Destroy me completely
And throw me away
If my life were important I would ask
Will I leaver her die
But I know the answers lay far from this world
Close every door to me
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel are never alone
For I know I shall find my own peace of mind
For we have been promised a land of our own

11. Crow's Love

When the sun begins to fade, a blaze of blood embrace between us
Our kisses like a falme reborn, wrigglin', rise, snowin' through death
Ever in our life...Gusts of wind break into out cold
Love has never made a choice I realize it facin' two mirrors
Dreamin', bleedin', like a larva thorn
I groan through this blood full night fallin' from my eyes
You never saw how strongly loves a Crow while the sun was low...
I hold you close...This passion of beast is a charmin' mournful thing
Night has fallen in deepest forest's shine. It was a time when we fell down
Meetin' you made my life so brave. When I joined you into your grave
I still call and long for you tonight...through the mirror's light
You never tried lyin' by my side
You never know how strongly loves a Crow
I hold you close my howlin' flow, ever...
I try to play my best cadence of sounds with melodies
I hope to heal your heart...
Never will you lose. Never will you clang my farewell
Standin' I cry waitin' for my...bloody bites,
Never will you lose...never will you try...

12. A Whisper Of Dew

Rainbow Seeker you can't see
And I'm a slave about your dreams!
But now I feel my gloomy Prince
I could give you my wings to him all nights
A frozen darkness is melody
Now our love will defy the flames
And there is nothin' left to say
'cause I can feel your heart that beats
I lay on you my ruby gaze
You cloth my end...
Now we take our best revenge
And no one can breake our dreams
We, forever...together...
I will give you all my nights
Take my heart into your breeze
Embracin' whispers into my wings
Fireflies sailin' through dark waves
My ruby castle waits for our bliss...
Now our love will defy the flames
Never go beyond my life
I can build a cradle of dew
Let our love live in tears so blind...
Take my heart into your breeze
Fireflies sailin' through dark waves
I can build a cradle of dew
let our love live in tears so blind.
[Dedicated to Legolas]

Mandragora Scream is:
Morgan Lacroix: Lead vocals, backing vocals and performances
Terry Horn: Lead Guitars, backing vocals and keyboards programming and soundscapes
Jack Lowell Halleyn: Analog sythesizers, piano and keyboards
Mat Stancioiu: Drums and percurssion

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