Lyrics: Classified - Just the way it is

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[Verse 1 - Eternia]
I played these strings as a kid
I play these strings like a violinist
Or a violent man whose life is finished
In it till the death of me
'Till the bones are all thats left of me
Look and yall see the remedy the authenticity
Eternally everlasting mapping out this craft till my last breath
You bury me with pharaoh in my casket
I mastered this massive maze avoid disaster
And came to my senses learning lessons to harass
Im raised right night or daylight never got stage fright
Ya fame might cash for the moment but i slay mics
I stay tight class and DL u know they same types
Rapping and reciting cause we enticing a new life
And to my kids in the next life my minds on the biz
Yall can classify the raps that i exhibit
Exquisitely and simply, Eternia that's reppin this[Chorus]
We've dealt with the ups and downs
Its just the way it is, the way the world goes round
Some people choose to smile other choose to frown
Its just the way it is, the way the world goes round
And once you at the top they hafta take your crown
Its just the way it is, the way the world goes round
We filled the foundation from the underground
Its just the way it is, the way the world goes round

[Verse 2 - Classified]
You now Im that kid reppin' the burbs
Who spits and severs your words
Talk with a full mouth, spit, then enter my verse
These copycats neva get to heaven first
Cause they style is fadin' out like some chip n' pepper shirts
Yall need to spit some other words, rip a better verse
To concerned to get the cheddar first
Thats why you never get the perks
And Ive been playin with this game since i was fifteen
Livin in the outbacks, dirty and sportin' ripped jeans
Ive been here, rock shows, ten years i dropped flows
Its just the way it is, i did this shit and neva got doe
Much love though, everything i did it made me tighter
And now i cipher with some of the best rhyme writers
The beat slicer, i cut it up on every angle
With these live instruments layin' over dirty samples
I've been amped, ever since the pen and pad been in my hand
Represent the hour glass, (times up) it's done man


[Verse 3 - DL Incognito]
Somebody said DL you spit too many battle rhymes
You ain't sayin nothin; you fuck with nigga's minds
Theres meaning to my lines, so listen carefully
A metaphor, a simile i ride them merrily
Im buyin what your sellin D i master my craft
Thats what youre thinkin but some day i hope Im makin some cash
I did it for the love of the art, it didn't pay off
Should i sell out? By no means just keep workin hard
Im tryin to quit my day job, build a career
Move with god speed, rockin a spear
Guitar riffs like heavy metal, Ive got the heavy mental
I come equipped with the real shit, the bare essentials
Ive covered ground like an H2 Hummer
So next time nigga's wont sleep like slumber
Just incase you wonder, Ive got a thick catalog
Im not a newcomer Im just new to ya'll


[Verse 4 - Maestro]
Yo yo fathers and holy spirits ?
Critics ridiculed my hits but dig it
Nobody show, they flow infinite
I live it, love it, done it and did it
Visually vivid, come in it ?
I kill i will Im in it to win it
I was born shell toein', elbowin', hell throwin
Jam blowin' (shortly known as) ???????
End zone in my flow can leave your crew deceased
But check the news release
The son is classified; you know he's rulin' the east
Good grief, peep the article
Blaze you with the audible, spark you with the arsenal
Cant stop the honorable
Bad to the bone, either condemn or condone
? will go to war like like Arafat and Sharon
Cause I'm the king of the throne, internationally known
Fuck a pen and a pad cause now i write with tablets of stone
Give the God credit
Go ahead and treat it like a lost ?
Classified, just the way it is: authentic
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