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Question:When the song starts times in Winamp and Evillyrics match, later on they get different by a second or two. How is it possible?
Answer:It's actually Winamp's "fault" - time in Evillyrics is correct, time in Winamp is incorrect.

When you try running for example 4:00 long song in Winamp, you can notice that it ends at 3:58 and then resumes to the next song. When you have EvilLyrics running in recording mode during this, time information in EvilLyrics statusbar is correct, i.e. in the end of the song it reads 4:00.

So the result is, you should only make sure times are synchronized when the song starts, you can ignore the time differences later.

Best way to record karaoke is to play a song that is one position BEFORE the song for which you actually want to record karaoke, then move slider to the end of that song and when YOUR song starts to play, times in Evillyrics and Winamp should be synchronized properly.
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