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Question:What is direct karaoke download? How can i download timestamps for my lyrics?
Answer:With version 0.1.8 we introduced easier way for downloading timestamp files (karaoke). To download karaoke, just click on the mouth icon in the status bar.

If karaoke is available statusbar shows mouth icon, if karaoke is not available, statusbar shows crossed mouth.

Your karaoke is imported when you click mouth icon once. Most of the time karaoke is inported right away. If the difference between length of the karaoke and your music file is detected, you are asked if you really want to import karaoke. If the difference is too big, it probably indicates that karaoke file was created for different version of the song and you shoudl not resume importing.

Information about karaoke availability is taken from your karaoke index. To make sure availability information is correct, update your karaoke index once in a while to not miss latest karaoke files added.
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