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Question:How can I download lyrics for whole album at once into single file?
Answer:EvilLyrics supports importing information form album database freedb.org.
Go to www.freedb.org, look up the album you want lyrics for, then select and catch a link with album number under album's name with your mouse

and drag in inside EvilLyrics window

A hint: If your EvilLyrics window gets in the background when you catch the link in your browser so you can't reach it, you can bring it to front during the dragging process by hovering your mouse second or two above EvilLyrics entry in taskbar where your open programs are listed

After you drop a link, EvilLyrics gets the song list from freedb.org and starts downloading lyrics one by one. In case some of the lyrics are already in your lyrics cache this version is used.

When downloading is finished lyrics are stored in file named lyrics.txt in your EvilLyrics folder. You are even asked if you want to open this file in the Notepad so you can print or copy/paste the lyrics if you want.
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