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Question:I don't understand the difference between "reload" and "try next". Ok, I do but can't we have a single button for that? I click on "try next" and EvilLyrics tells me to click on "reload"
Answer:Reload and Try next are two different functions. "Try next" works only if it has result of search ebngine query in memory. It only has that right after lyrics are downloaded. If lyrics are retrieved from cache we have no information whether there are any other results that we can try to parse. That way you have to click Reload first.

Also, you can use Reload button for any of the songs that EvilLyrics was unable to find lyrics for. If song is new and there are no lyrics submitted to lyrics databases yet, EvilLyrics usually returns some other page than lyrics and stores it in its chace. After some time lyrics can be publicly available, you can press Reload and EvilLyrics try to search for lyrics again.
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