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Question:?Lyrics? keyword
Answer:EvilLyrics uses general search engines to search for lyrics. You can find most of the lyrics using search englines when you look for song title + word ?lyrics?. You can check what approximately EvilLyrics does by clicking on Open Google query in search submenu. This if the best practice for accesiing largest lyrics databases which mostly contain english songs. When you are listening to songs in other languages, you can get sometimes you can get better results when you try some other word instead of ?lyrics?. You can try to put ?letras?, ?paroles? or ?songtexte? in the box, click Apply and watch the results. Results may be not as good as for english song EvilLyrics has built in filters mostly for english lyrics sites.
So if you know any large lyrics sites in your language which are findable by Google or Alltheweb or Altavista using query ?artist name lyrics? (e.g. ?Shakira Te Necesito letras?), you can submit it to us using this interface.
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