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Question:Filter out numbers
Answer:By default, EvilLyrics strips numbers from song titles. We do this because in most cases numbers in songtites are actually track numbers for songs which are not properly names. Less often number are part of artist or song name. EvilLyrics cannot distinguish between these and it strips numbers regardlessly. In most cases lyrics are found even if numbers are missing. If your lyrics cannot be found and you are positive that the reason is filtered number in song name you can turn this option off by unchecking corresponding checkbox.

Since version 6 EvilLyrics strips only solely standing numbers. These are numbers not touching any text. E.g. it strips '06' from 'Hole 06 Doll Parts' but not '2' from 'U2 - Wild Honey'. You can still turn off this option by unchecking 'Filter out numbers'
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