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I created .kas file. Why doesn?t it appear at Evil Laboratories website?


.kas files are uploaded only if they meet some basic quality criteria. It is difficult for us to find out if .kas file was created properly. To evade low quality, incorrectly or mistakenly created files we use these criteria:
  1. Song must be replayed at least once and replaying length must fit length recorded during creating .kas file.

    Recorded length might not be correct if you didn?t restart song when starting to record timestamps, you skipped the song before it was finished or the song was last in the play list and EvilLyrics didn?t record that it was finished (EvilLyrics detects song start or finish only on basis of song title change in your media player)

  2. First timestamp (first hit of down arrow key) must be recorded within first 30% of the song length, last timestamp before 70% of the song length (that way we evade unfinished but nevertheless saved .kas files)
  3. Number of timestamps in file must be proportional to the number of lines in lyrics file (i.e. 70%). That way we evade .kas files with 2 or 3 timestamps for 50 lines of lyrics

Once song is replayed and meets criteria 2. and 3. it is sent to our website (don?t worry, it is usually much less then 1kb of data). If you fill your credentials in Preferences, they will be sent with your nickname, if not they will be sent as anonymous.

last updated 19.11.2003
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