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Author Topic: Hebrew Language Suppor.  (Read 6749 times)
« on: August 15, 2004, 10:13:43 AM »


You oý7
W7AHebrew Language Suppor.Yaron82.166.243.68¤ebrew language.

When I tray to get lyrics for Hebrew songs, I get gibberish,
Although I can tell it's getting the lyrics from the right Hebrew site.

I looked in my Regional Settings for Hebrew Code Page Conversion Table, and found
One Hebrew value that is not set, I did set it, and it took it from XP CD, I restarted the system
But with no change, I keep getting gibberish in Hebrew.

How Can I Fix It?

I Use WinAmp 2.71 (It's Shows Hebrew with No Problems)

Here is what i get:

MP3Music.co.il - úð é ùéîåù á úø | ùîåø ëãó äáéú |
îé÷åîê á úø: > úð é ùéîåù á úø
úð é ùéîåù á úø:
áøåëéí äá éí ìôåøèì îåñé÷ä MP3Music.co.il. ä úø ôåòì á îöòåú ëúåáú ä éðèøðè www.mp3music.co.il ("ä úø", "MP3Music.co.il"). ä úø îðåäì åîåôòì òì éãé ãéîéèøé ÷ùéï åòåøëé äúåëï ùì ä úø (ìîòï äðåçåú úé÷ø : "îðäìé ä úø"). äùéîåù á úø ëôåó áëì òú ìúð é ùéîåù  ìä. äðê îúá÷ù ì÷øå   åúí á÷ôéãä ùëï äùéîåù á úø îòéã òì äñëîúê ìúð éí  ìä. áçì÷ îîãåøé åùéøåúé ä úø ééîö å úð é ùéîåù ðåñôéí  å äñëîéí î÷ååðéí, äîúééçñéí áîôåøè ì åúå îãåø  å ùéøåú. äùéîåù áîãåøéí åáùéøåúéí  ìå ëôåó äï ìúð é ùéîåù  ìä åäï ìúð éí åìäñëîéí äôøèðééí ùééîö å áäí.
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« on: August 15, 2004, 10:13:43 AM »


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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2004, 04:18:57 PM »

in the select lyrics font in the options select hebrew instead of western in the script option.

btw, for the programmers, i think el is not saving this option, can u do something to fix it?
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