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Author Topic: Overwriting existing lyric files  (Read 1852 times)
« on: January 22, 2004, 03:26:30 AM »

I just upgraded to build6ýÖ‰Ö4@ Overwriting existing lyric filesprfraker for a couple of weeks, I was really enjoying the app with Winamp 5.

However, since upgrading to build 6 yesterday, on several occasions now, after it has displayed the proper lyrics for about a dozen or so songs, it suddenly starts downloading incorrect lyrics for files that already have been saved.

Let me try to explain this a different way.

I start playing a song.
The downloaded lyrics are incorrect.
I'll use the "Try next" to look for the correct lyrics.
None can be found, so I manually edit and type the correct lyrics and then save.  I can verify with Notepad that the .txt file saved has the lyrics I typed.

I move on to the next song, but then back up with the "previous track" button in Winamp.  When it starts playing the song, I notice EL is downloading incorrect lyrics again, instead of using the good lyrics I just typed into the file.  If I look at the lyrics file that I had just saved, my good lyrics have now been replaced by the incorrect lyrics that were just downloaded again.

Now I have to retype it all back in again.
If I advance to the next track again and then back again, the same thing happens -- the manually typed lyrics are completely replaced by the new downloaded lyrics.

Once that EL saves the file to the hard drive, I thought it should always use the contents of that file instead of downloading.  This is the way it always worked with build 5.  Has something changed that I'm not aware of with build 6?

Please note that this does not occur until after several songs have been played successfully.  So the problem is intermittent.  I can reproduce the problem -- I just have to wait for about a dozen songs to have completed first.  Closing the app and re-starting corrects the problem.

I have several thousand lyrics files and I am now concerned that some of my "verified good" lyrics are being overwritten with a false download.

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« on: January 22, 2004, 03:26:30 AM »

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