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Title: Voting system does not work
Post by: make on November 05, 2004, 10:35:00 AM
This forum did not let m ýs ®DI‹AVoting system does not workmakemarkomakela@yahoo.com194.251.240.113! karaoke files with the same username/pass), so needed to re-register to post this.

Do you people even realize, what you vote?? I've posted around ~150 karaoke files since I started using EvilLyrics long, long time ago, each of them 100 % checked (some even re-posted, if a bit erroneus), and yet I kept getting _negative_ votes for most of them (some of them even having more negative than positive!). All of the timetags were in place.

If you use different lyrics file or version of the song, do _not_ give negative comments to the karaoke files! I cannot post a compatible version for each lyrics and song version available.

Tired of this, I decided to remove all the karaoke files I've posted through the years. No-one else seems to have posted karaokes for these songs or artists, but you still seem to have interest to post lots of negative comments! Have fun posting negative comments for other authors now. Good bye!

P.S. I've moved entirely to Linux since some months and using SingIt plugin for XMMS, which has far better karaoke displayers than EL. It does not download lyrics automatically, though, but pasting them from a website isn't much of a work. I recommend you make EL entirely compatible with SingIt, including a converter program EL <--> SingIt, both-ways. Too bad EL was programmed with non-portable language Visual Basic. Meaning that I won't be using it anymore.