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Title: Offline Mode
Post by: Bent on October 01, 2004, 07:46:36 PM
I've been wt ]AD Offline ModeBentbenthomas82@yahoo.com24.236.187.247ady very useful.  Just recently I discovered what I think is a bug.  Searching the forum reveals nothing, so here goes:

I have a lot of non-music audio files in my winamp playlist, so I don't often leave evillyrics on or my lyrics folder will become cluttered with useless "lyrics".  So I have started leaving it on in offline mode so I can peek at the lyrics I've already downloaded.  However, when a song comes up that I don't have the lyrics for, I should be able to go online and get the lyrics right?  This isn't working though, if I go online from offline mode the lyrics don't download, even if I hit the refresh button.  I have to stop playing that song, go to a different one, then back.  Shouldn't the lyrics be downloaded right when I go online, or at least after a refresh?  If more info is needed about my specs and settings, let me know and I will post them.

Thanks, and good job on the great program!