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Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: ctfehnel on October 20, 2003, 09:32:18 PM
Just a suggestion, with the hype and future popularity of iTunes for Windows are you planning on integrating with iTunes. I personally use iTunes as my primary player and I would love to have your program working with it as well.

Chris Fehnel

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: Marek on October 21, 2003, 05:48:58 PM
personally .. i was interested what itunes is ... but only until i saw that it is 19mb installation file ... i doubt media player with 19mb installation file can be good ... but if there some other similar request we can think of supporting it

EvilLyrics Developer

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: ctfehnel on October 25, 2003, 12:01:12 AM
iTunes is a great product. I'm surprised you haven't heard more about it. All us internet junkies besides the hardcore Apple haters are really enjoying iTunes. It is a sweet program and the majority of the buzz has been extremely positive. You should try to download it and test it out. I think a lot of people are going to be using it soon as their primary mp3 player.

The only issue there might be is that it imports music files from cd's into its own format (AAC), but you could set it to rip as mp3 files instead.

Also with the Apple Music store selling millions of songs people are going to be using iTunes more and more. The majority of those customers use iTunes as their primary player.

Please re-consider [:D]

Chris Fehnel

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: cdevroe on October 25, 2003, 12:16:25 AM
iTunes, in a nutshell.  iTunes, similiar to what Winamp once was, is carving new paths through the online digital music industry.  Winamp, especially 2.x, is an unbelievably stable program, with a very large following.  iTunes, likewise, is unbelievably stable and has an even larger following, arguably.

As far as having a 19mb installation file, there is a good reason for this "bloat".  iTunes, in itself is a powerful jukebox application that allows for smart playlist (unheard of in the industry before iTunes) connection to popular MP3 player, iPod, and has the capability to play MP3, CD and AAC format.  However, the bulk of the installation is not iTunes itself.  iTunes is packed with Quicktime 6.4 will allows iTunes to have several features not offerable by other applications.  Namely, audio streaming from the iTunes music store for fully digital AAC :30 second previews, playing Music videos from within the store, and allowing for Album Art, and certain animations within the iTunes Music store.  Quicktime in itself is a large download, so that is where the bulk of the "bloat" comes from.

The reason that EvilLabs should at least consider working with iTunes is simply popularity.  iTunes, which is at the forefront of the new LEGAL digital music age, has become the single most popular (buzz) MP3 player to date.  With over 1,000,000 downloads in 3 1/2 days with it's windows release, incorporation with 25 million AOL users via Keyword Music, and the forth coming Pepsi marketing push of over 100 million free songs to be released in 60 days starting February 1st (Super Bowl) which is sure to take iTunes to cloud 9.  

Not only am I suggesting you to consider upgrading your software for me, but also so that Evil Labs doesn't miss the boat.   If you have any questions, comments - let me know.

Colin D. Devroe

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: johnhutch2000 on November 08, 2003, 03:16:20 AM
To the cdevroe kid this is all not a justified reason for having 19mb of wasted space. Winamp with a few plugins or sometimes stand alone can do all of what you say and MUCH more also smaller and i imagine not so much of a cpu hog. I say imagine as i havent tried ure terrible itunes and dont intend to, i wonder how many of the "1,000,000 downloads in 3 1/2 days" went straight back to their good old winamp after its release ehy? codsider that kido i dont ges u can survey that ey m8.

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: cdevroe on November 13, 2003, 05:43:18 AM
johnhutch2000:  First, Iw ?*iTunes for Windowscdevroecdevroe@theubergeeks.net65.206.46.229 used it.  One thing that you should never do, is shoot-down and bad-talk a program (or anything for that matter) that you haven't used.  That's like me saying "johnhutch2000's mom is horrible in the sack".  Well, that is a statement that I really shouldn't make, because I haven't slept with your Mom.  Your sister on the other hand, one word - wow!

Moving on, iTunes has features (as I mentioned before) that Winamp, or any of its plugins, has never achieved.  Let's review a few of them.  1. Legitimate Online Music Store.  iTunes has a Music Store built-in with high quality, reliable music downloads.  And better yet, their legal.  I realize that in the U.K. your not having too much trouble with indictments right now, but over here in the U.S.A. we are.  Winamp has never provided a legitimate source of legal music, besides their shoutCasts!.  Which is a great feature, but it's nothing compared to the iTunes Music Store.  2. Music Video Downloads.  iTunes allows you to review some of your favorite artist's music videos.  I realize that Winamp 3 has the ability to play video files, however it does not provide a way to download them.  3. Over 500,000 song titles and increasing everyday.  iTunes has a very large library, and it gets larger each and everyday.  Must I go on? Oh yes, I must. 4. Smart Playlists.  Winamp had .m3u which were very useful for creating playlists of your favorite artists, or genres.  That is, if your ID3 tags were in order.  iTunes, however, has the normal playlists, which you can just drag any amount of music into that playlist, similiar to Winamp.  iTunes also has smart Playlists, which will auto-populate based on preset rules.  Such as, if you wanted a playlist consisting of a certain genre, you can create a smart Playlist that will automatically add all Heavy Metal.  Or a certain artist, or by your specific rating.  Does winamp have a rating system? Nope, that's number 6.  6. Rating system.  There are a few ways to use the rating system.  1 is that each time you play a song, there is a PLAYCOUNT that automatically incriments each time a song is played all the way through.  This is one way of seeing a RATING.  However, there is also a 5-star rating program, where you can rate each song.  At first, this mean some unuseful, however I assure you, rating your songs, and creating a smart playlist to play your highest rated songs.  Or maybe just the 5 outta 5s, or the 4 outta 5s.  7. Automatically updated Radio Broadcast list.  Arguably, Winamp can play Radio Broadcast feeds.  At least the ones that use shoutCast.  However, iTunes automatically checks the validity of each Radio Broadcast, to ensure that you can list to high quality streaming audio, with no bad broadcasts.  8. Burning built-in.  Wanna burn?  CLICK THE BURN BUTTON!  Can't beat the ability to automatically convert your mp3 files and burn them on-the-fly.  9. Import into Mp3 or AAC.  I remember, in Winamp 2.x you could rip CDs into Wavs, and then use a program, I used to use CDEX, to convert those Waves into MP3.  Alot of annoying steps, and a pain-stakingly long process for sure.  Now, with iTunes, just pop in the CD, and click import.  You can either pick MP3 or AAC.  Wow, simplicity!  10.  Sorting by any field! ID3 tages are nice, but imagine being able to sort by any field.  In iTunes, any ID3 1.1 standard field can be sorted.  11. Easy update song information.  You can click on any ID3 field once, and update it.  Without opening another window.  12. MP3 Player Syncronization:  The ability to automatically update your iPod (and I hear other mp3 player manufacturers are building add-ons) with your playlist.  13.  Sharing/Streaming MP3s over a network.  I have 3 main computers in my house, and a few laptops.  Sharing mp3s between them all can be a hassle.  However, with iTunes, I just open iTunes, and it automatically shows me the playlists and songs that reside on all the computers on my network.  It does not transfer them, it streams them.

The simplicity of it all!!

Thats lucky number 13 major features that iTunes has that Winamp cannot compare to.  There are many more.  Without going into too much detail, here are a few of the iTunes Music Store features.

1. Free High Quality :30 second previews of songs
2. Free High Quality 1:30 previews of audio-books.
3. Gift Certificates
4. Allowances.
5. One-click buying.
6. One-click buying of entire album.
7. Unlimited Burns
8. Share with 3 computers at once.
9. 500,000+ songs and growing
10. Free Technical Support!
11. Music Videos
12. Artist Playlists (awesome)

Want more?  Go to www.apple.com/iTunes/

Please, don't make the same mistake twice by making fun, or belittling something that you have never used.  It's just ignorant.

Colin D. Devroe

Title: Winamp
Post by: Beowulf on January 09, 2004, 12:27:41 PM
And to top it off, Winamp has a shitty user interface!

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: mai9 on January 10, 2004, 02:45:38 AM
Quote from: cdevroe&quo;BY?iTunes for Windowsmai9pesol@gmx.net program.  I can say this because I've used it.[/quote]
That's what I thought until I tried foobar2000, it's a very good player and very small too. But it's just a player, not a player + magazine + shop + videos.

8. Burning built-in. Wanna burn? CLICK THE BURN BUTTON! Can't beat the ability to automatically convert your mp3 files and burn them on-the-fly. 9. Import into Mp3 or AAC. I remember, in Winamp 2.x you could rip CDs into Wavs, and then use a program, I used to use CDEX, to convert those Waves into MP3. Alot of annoying steps, and a pain-stakingly long process for sure.

There's a burning plug-in in foobar. and did you know that CDex can rip also?

Quote from: cdevroe
Please, don't make the same mistake twice by making fun, or belittling something that you have never used.  It's just ignorant.

I'll probably won't have the chance of using iTunes because I don't want to pay a buck for a song. I prefer to buy the physical cd for that price.

With iTunes you are buying music and it's not even yours!!! Not even Apple is in charge of their business, RIAA owns them (http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/33850.html). Apple said that they are not making money with iTunes and they hope they can make some selling accessories (iPod).

And they let you stream music because you can't copy it, iirc you can't copy your own music in more than 3 computers.

I prefer to keep my freedom and don't change it for simplicity.

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: Marek on February 02, 2004, 03:44:17 PM
Latest development version of EvilLyrics now supports iTunes! check it out here (http://www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/development.php)

Title: iTunes for Windows
Post by: Me on April 08, 2004, 07:12:46 PM
Uhm you can use iTunes and not buy music from the music store.  You can take music off CDs, or any songs you have on your hard drive from special sources.  :o   iTunes is clean, full of features that many others make you pay for, and easy to use.  That's why I use it.