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Title: Winamp 5.5 ger + Evil Lyrics
Post by: green_priest on October 20, 2007, 06:20:40 PM
I tried the new WinAmp 5.5 - I cannot find any mistake in my Winamp and EvilLyrics installation, but Lyrics just does not start when I start Winamp!!! Is there no support for the new Winamp, or perhaps is there a block set in Winamp because of any legal reasons with lyrics ??? I think, I am not the only one, who has this problem???
Hope there are some supporters in here!!! greetz

Title: I had this problem too.
Post by: ClioCJS on October 23, 2007, 07:00:47 AM
I had this problem too, and brought it up privately with Marek.

Basically, here is the problem:

Here is the Milkdrop we're all familiar with:
c:\program files\winamp\plugins\vis_milk.dll (512,000) 07/31/2003

Here is the new Milkdrop, now also included in Winamp 5.5:
c:\program files\winamp\plugins\vis_milk2.dll (1,220,608) 10/09/2007

Looks like a new version of milkdrop is included on new winamp installs.

EvilLyrics + MilkDrop karaoke works fine when I select MilkDrop 1.04 [vis_milk.dll] -- lyrics display in milkdrop.

EvilLyrics + MilkDrop karaoke does not work when I select MilkDrop 2.0 [vis_milk2.dll]

EvilLyrics fakes MilkDrop out by overwriting the INI file which contains Milkdrop's custom messages, and faking a keystroke to tell Milkdrop to display its custom message.

It certainly seems that it could be that the new Milkdrop is not using the same INI-file structure, keystroke, ini file, etc, for it's custom messages. 

Perhaps custom messages needs to be enabled somehow.

Hopefully support for them isn't completely gone, because that would suck.

Title: Re: Winamp 5.5 ger + Evil Lyrics
Post by: MoonLight on October 28, 2007, 04:22:58 AM

I just had this same problem and registed here so I could share my opinion on this.

The problem really could be the something like the keystroke or something else, but most probably EvilLyrics is trying to overwrite milk_msg.ini instead of milk2_msg.ini. In that case... EL team would have to update their application, not milkdrop.

Considering EL constant updates, we'll might have this fixed real soon... right guys? *looks up searching for something*

Title: Re: Winamp 5.5 ger + Evil Lyrics
Post by: ClioCJS on March 05, 2008, 11:05:33 PM
I wouldn't call the updates constant -- this problem is still a standing problem.  Marek said he's been busy, but I also know he's been working on it at times.  I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting a new version so that I can bugtest. 


Title: Re: Winamp 5.5 ger + Evil Lyrics
Post by: dkasper on August 02, 2008, 09:39:11 AM
I can't get Evil lyrics to work with milkdrop Winamp 5.5.

Milkdrop 2.0e gives nothing.
Milkdrop 1.04 originally gave me "This is a Test" everytime a line progressed. After a reinstall and what not everytime it scrolls to a new line it gives "I know all about you". It's frustrating because right next to the visualization you can see the correct words!

Anyone have some advice?