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Some characters might appear incorrectly here, but they can still show correctly in EvilLyrics when using LNG file. Please test it first before you start making correction.
EvilLyrics Localization Template
version for build 138 - 20/04/2005
check for latest version and recent changes at http://www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/localize.php
ONLY TRANSLATE TEXT BETWEEN number AND //. Text after // is just remark, there's no need to translate that
when you're done, compile your file with ELtrans.exe, put created lng file into your EL directory and try to load it
If it loads successfully, check if the text isn't overlapped somewhere
Feel free to rephrase some texts if they sound more understandable in your language

/n is new line delimiter
%1 and %2 are parameters ... they will get replaced in the text

First line is a charset number .. replace XXX by your number and test it
charsetWestEurope = 0
charsetDefault = 1
charsetSymbol = 2
charsetJapanese = 128
charsetKorean = 129
charsetChineseS = 134
charsetChienseT = 136
charsetGreek = 161
charsetTurkish = 162
charsetHebrew = 177
charsetArabic = 178
charsetBaltic = 186
charsetCyrillic = 204
charsetEastEurope = 238
charsetDosBox = 255

--- localization file start

0|全般 //General
1|キャッシュ //Cache
2|カラオケ //Karaoke
3|拡張設定 //Advanced
4|このソフトについて //About
5|()内の文字を無視 //Ignore bracketed text - checkbox
6|表示 //Apperance-frame
7|最前面に表示 //Always on top
8|タスクトレイに表示 //Tray mode
9|閉じるで最小化 //Minimize on close
10|歌詞フォント //Select lyrics font
11|背景色 //Background - label
12|検索設定 //Search settings - frame name
13|歌詞検索キーワード //"Lyrics" keyword - label
14|キーワードは検索エンジンの問い合わせに使用します。/n(あなたがよく聴く英語ではない歌において)/nあなたの言語を選択するかキーワードを入力してください。// "lyrics keyword label tooltip description - Keyword used to query search engines/nIn case you listen mostly to non-english songs/npick or type keyword in your language
15|メインウィンドウに表示 //Show keyword selector in main window - checkbox
16|曲名の処理 //Song title parsing - frame name
17|数字をフィルタしない //1st filtering option Don 't filter numbers
18|独立した数字をフィルタ //2nd filtering option Filter stand-alone numbers i.e. numbers surrounded by spaces ... ie which are not part of the word like in U2
19|すべての数字をフィルタ //3nd filtering option - Filter all numbers
20|無視するキーワード //Excluded keywords - label
21|キャッシュ設定 //Cache settings - frame name
22|キャッシュのクリア //Clear cache
23|キャッシュ管理 //Cache organization
24|最初の文字でフォルダ //By first letter
25|単一フォルダ //Single directory
26|キャッシュの場所 //Cache path
27|一週間後に間違っている歌詞を再チェック //Re-check wrong lyrics after a week
28|曲名が変更されたら自動で保存 //Automatically save under original song name after change
29|プロクシ //Proxy - frame label
30|プロクシを使う //Use proxy
31|サーバ //Server
32|ポート //Port
33|ユーザ名 //Username
34|パスワード //Password
35|カラオケの投稿 //Karaoke posting - frame name
36|ログイン名で投稿する場合はサイトで登録してください。登録は無料です。 //To contribute under your name please register on our website. Registration is FREE.
281|Automatic karaoke download
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