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Akeboshi - Yellow Moon (03:44)
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Tytu´┐Ż: Yellow moon (anime version)
Wykonawca: Akeboshi

Kinou wa koorusain zenbu keitai de
Norenai first guitar hen na kouen de
Yellow moon, ima moon is kogoe de me o akete
Shounen mada yume o miteru
Yume o mite
Yume o mite
Se o muke I'm not alone
Yume o mite itsu aeru?
Every day, every night honoo tsuru hodo made
Chirakatta mama no kimochi o ima sugu ni
Mahou no chord change nemurenai machi
Higawari no just guitar sotto mainaa de

Yesterday I called up everyone I know on my cell phone.
I was out in a strange park, poorly playing first guitar.
Yellow moon, right now the Moon is softly telling to open your eyes.
Young man, you're still dreaming.
Dream on...
Dream on...
Turn around, you're not alone.
Dream on. When will we meet?
Every day, every night, until you reach the light.
I'm sending you all my scattered emotions.
Magical chord change, a sleepless town.
A special guitar solo, in a soft minor key.

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