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Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine (02:37)
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Dancin, Dancin, Dancin!
She's a dancin machine

Ah, baby
Do it baby
Full of color self contained,
Tuned and gentle to your vibes.
Captivating, stimulating,
She's such a sexy lady,
Filled with space-age design

She's movin, she's groovin
Dancin until the music stops now, yeah

Rhythematic, acrobatic
She's a dynamite attraction
At the drop of a coin she comes alive, yeah
She knows what she's doin, she's super bad now,
She's geared to really blow your mind

[Instrumental Break]

Dancin, Dancin, Dancin!
She's a dancin machine
Ah, baby
Do it baby
Dancin, Dancin, Dancin!
She's a dancin machine
Ah, baby
Move it baby

She's a dance,dance,dance, dance, dancin machine
Watch her get down,watch her get down,
As she do,do,do her thing, right on the scene
repeat 2x

Ooh bop shoo bop
Ooh bop shoo bop..etc

Shake it baby
Mm baby

Ad Lib until end

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