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Amon Amarth - Arson (06:45)
created by anonymous
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They came riding at first light
Fifty men armed to the teeth
The sounding horn called us out to fight
We went to meet them in the fields

Outnumbered yet we fought
But soon we were overrun
We took refuge in our home
Our downfall had just begun

They attacked our home, we kept them out
Defending ourselves with spear and bow
We took them out one by one
As the rising autumn sun glowed

There was twenty dead on each side
When we first smelled something burn
We heard them laughing from outside
Taunting us with spiteful words

They set the house on fire
In order to smoke us out
Only five of us was still alive
And our time was running out

Raging flames surrounded us all
Our home was under siege
Crumbling roof and burning walls
There was no way to break free

As we were all about to die
We swore a sacred oath
Revenge would be claimed if someone survived
And we sealed the oath in blood

The roof caved in and cleared a path
A way out of the flames
It was decided that I'd go first
As we made for our escaped

Suddenly the walls came down
And trapped the rest inside
My closest friends died that day
Only I made it out alive

lead by Mikkonen
lead by Soderberg�

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