Karaoke for The Ark - Vendelay

The Ark - Vendelay (03:21)
created by tirillion
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Well its been half a year
Since my ball was properly stocked
And relations on whole
Havent quite been "oh so clock!"

But though your not the key
To this emotional lock
That still doesnt change
The value of your stocks

Now i hear people
Talking garbage about you
And as goes with such things
The most of it aint true
So i write this song just to say to you
I believe in you, -i do, vendelay

Now the word is on the street
That your ball gets properly stocked
And by word you consider it being
"Oh so clock!"
Well im not your spokesman
But still a man of words
And no matter how untrue
I know garbage always hurts

I dont know nowadays
What it takes to get bewitched
For a person like me
Whos just starving to get ditched
Lets just hope that our ropes
Aint so firmly fixed
And if youd ask me id say:
- Nix, Vendelay

I know that life is very bad
When your picking up the pieces
Of what you had
And people say:
I want you, i want you, i want you!
Yeah, they want you all right
- But just for a while
But hang on in there
And youll pull it through
Cause i believe in you, i do
And theres a reason why i do, Vendelay

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