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Flags flown at half mast
To remember all the lives past and gone
Before their time had come
From the hijackers crash
Terrible blast
The building collapsed and falls to the ground
And who would have known
So long and hard to make
So easy to break
Foundations quake to rock your world
Planes exploding in the sky
No one knows the reason why
Makes me wanna cry
How hard it is to protect yourself from head trans
You can understand
That occasion to destruction
Is there all and there the flag
No compressing
A move and a miss
Try to shake their hands
While slicing your wrist
And killers beyond comprehensions of minds
Are cowards that burn up blood in the skys
Blood in our eyes
On 9 11 01
Planes exploding in the sky
No one knows the reason why
Jold my little baby tight
Make me wanna cry
Find a way to carry on
New york city on lockdown
Whole east coast on lockdown
Hold your family close on lockdown
The country mourns the day so many bright lights
Young lives taken away forever and ever
And no one can replace
And how can I forget this day
Planes exploding in the sky
No one knows the reason why
Hold my little baby tight
Make me wanna cry
Planes exploding in the sky
On 9 11 01
Day the devils died
To kill our loved ones
Hold my little baby tight
On 9 11 01
Make me wanna cry
And find a way to carry on

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