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Nothing ever stops all these thoughts
And the pain attached to them
Sometimes I wonder why this is happening
It�s like nothing I can do
Will distract me when
I think of how I shot myself in the back again
�Cause from the infinite words I could say
I put all the pain you gave to me one display
But didn�t realize
Instead of setting it free
I took what I hated and made it a part of me

(It never goes away)

Hearing your name
The memories come back again
I remember when it started happening
I�d see you in every thought I had and then
The thoughts slowly found words
Attached to them
And I knew as they escaped away I was
Committing myself to them
And every day I
Regret saying those things
�Cause now I see
That I took what I hated and made it a part of me

(It never goes away)

And now
You�ve become a part of me
You�ll always be right here
You�ve become a part of me
You�ll always be my fear
I can�t separate myself from
What I�ve done
I�ve given up a part of me
I�ve let myself become you

Get away from
Gimme my space back
You gotta just
Everything comes down to memories of
I�ve kept it in but now I�m letting you
I�ve let you go
Get away from me

I�ve let myself become you
I�ve let myself become lost inside these
Thoughts of you
Giving up a part of me
I�ve let myself become you

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