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Axis of Justice - Jeffrey Are You Listening (04:37)
created by Danderson
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Jeffrey are you listening?
Blessed are the criminals that persue crime as a hobby
As soldiers who kill the enemy for fun
As hookers prostituting for joy
Tall trees and submarines
Skin-deep abrasions
God's children who serve him dearly should be forgiven

Jeffrey are you listening?
Are you listening?
Out of their fierce bellies
Like a swordsfish dance hall meant to lift this cup drops you on your ass
I'm encountering a strange revival, that of the mind
The thinking, unobsessed, scrutinizing mechanism of our human experience
Unlike the staggering lute force contemplations of the ego based mind of troubles and to-dos
I am reencountering the thriving pinnalce of the expansive existential thought process

Jeffrey are you listening?
Out of their fierce bellies
Like a swordsfish dance hall mentholyptus cough drops you on your ass
On the other foot, why not laugh?
Laugh at well being
For it is that which ????? man have evolved
It's the trick of life
Jeffrey are you fucking listening?

We're freezing, standing in front of our electric heaters
Nuking our food
We're tired of your transparent "Who pays the bills" says the ways foreign policy
We're tired of sending our troops to foreign soils to die not knowing why
And whose interests' they were sacrificed for
We're ashamed to see the way you take care of your people
By cutting social services and aid to those most in need
Explain me something, how could the richest nation in the world have starving children
Here's the fucking point
Nat-ions and their gov-ern-ments should pro-vide, pro-tect, and serve it's cit-i-zens
Not the in-ter-ests of the mul-ti-nationals
Jeffrey are you listening?

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