Karaoke for Authority Zero - Painted Windows

Authority Zero - Painted Windows (03:51)
created by Sto12m
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Looking out through painted windows
Deep-rooted and without a clue
Sets aside all differences and
everything he's used to
Takes a walk and the water falls
Dries off so nobody knows
That all along he's been trying to break away.

Waking up, feel a heart that's beating
Take a breath and feel that you're alive
Who would have guessed that just by being you
That you'd make it through this time?
Another case of a fucked up dreamer
Not knowing when to say when
Believes in everything that he wants to believe in
All a part of his identity
Searches for happiness
And makes it on belief
All in all it's just a fantasy
He runs around in circles
Trying to figure out just who it is we are

Looking through painted windows!
Your dreams become reality and
fantasies an opportunity
Reality in dream!
Just take another look inside, now take hold
And tell me what you see

Looking through painted windows!
New visions of a world that's been passing by
And right before your eyes
Nothing's as it seems!
A vision of the future and it seems fine.

Live a day to ask another question
Get an answer find another lie
How beautiful does it all seem when
looking from the inside?
Find out what makes you different
Hold true and don't turn away
In doing so don't you know that
you're gonna break away?
We're a part of our worst enemy
Tear us down and try to make us believe

All in all we're in a fantasy
We run around in circles
Trying to figure out just who it is we are

And looking through painted windows
we hold onto our dreams
A moment passes by and it seems
To open the flood-gate and let the future flow
Now reach out and take a hold
Don't be blinded by the glare you see
Keep on and search, what makes you happy?
Make it happen, go and dream
Dreams become reality
Run with this life
Believe in all you've dreamt
And keep on trusting in who it is that you are
Just who it is you are

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