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Angra - Stand Away (04:55)
created by DireWolf
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Stand away the dreaded burning fire
Will leave its mark for those with no desire
Stand in front of the whole creation
Face the people starve for comprehension
From the ones who rule us all
In this field the dying embers soil
All around we mourn
Oh, here they come again
(Now they're coming more aggressive
Tearing down our only chances)
The stars can't find the purple sky
(Loneliness will find its reason
treasured seeds for every season)
Long for the day be back someday
And the church
(Church is sellin' consolation
Killing Jesus for salvation)
Don't let us die
(Talking all in desperation
leave me now to rest in peace)
Let me rest in peace
Away, a while
Our smile taken from
the hearts of broken souls
Stand away from the fire
Destined by the fate
Let those sinners pay how they steel
For on the judgement day
How they yield

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