Karaoke for Ambeon - Sweet Little Brother

Ambeon - Sweet Little Brother (06:08)
created by stradicaster
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Can't exactly remember what's happened
I think I came home late
He stood in the doorway, waiting for me
I saw how he was holding a big sharp knife
Pointing at me
I got scared and asked What's wrong, what are you doing boy, are you mad?

But no answer at all, he just came closer and closer
No sense at all, he just came closer and closer
I began to run, but he came closer and closer
I ran for my life

He was so much faster than me
He caught me by the lake, I fell
I was so confused, I could hear my gasping breath
Still he was moving closer, holding his knife
I must have taken it
And then killed him
'cos he lied too still, open wounds bleeding
Grass and water turned red

Oh boy, what have I done, he was my sweet little brother
Oh boy, how come, I killed my sweet little brother
Hh God, look at him, look at his guilty, lifeless body
I killed my sweet little brother

I never heard his voice
Until I watched him die
Now voices chase me
Including his
No, they're all his

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