Karaoke for Agnostic Front - Still Here

Agnostic Front - Still Here (02:25)
created by Glorny
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I'm not in this fight alone!
Still in your face, still fucking here!
Till my last dying breath!

Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!

So many have come and gone, only a few have stood the test
For some it's just a passing phase, but for us it's the only way
We are still right here! Right here!
The scars we wear show that we are real
It's not something we saw on t.v. or that we read in a book
It was born in the streets!

This is for those with real hate inside
This is for those with no shame to hide
This is for the fuck ups and the disenchanted
We are the ones who refuse to be branded

We are right here! Still right here!

Trends set no values, they just confuse the youth
They give no reason for nothing to hold on to
Our time never expires, our marks show that truth
The chains that bind us, you can't undo

We're still right here! We're right fucking here!

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