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4LYN - Lyn (03:25)
created by keller.kind
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i lost my heart on a monday
and im still ripped off and passed out
too much alcohol and weed shot my ass out
one of these girlies made my day for real
and ive got to tell you a little sum about the way that i feel
i dont know how old she was but it doesnt matter
i know that they do it better
no older woman can do it the way they do
fukk "more experience" when they choose you
i just cannot explain why these girlies always hit me like an a-train
with their buttersoft skin and their curly hair
they try to look innocent,but they are always up to sin

l- y - n

they knock you out at the drop of the dime
first eye contact... yo thats the moment when you wanna die
but when you take a look downsouth
youll see a hell of a body on the way to blast your eyes out.
drinking brew after school , kissing ex-friends girlfriends
hands always where this skirt ends
they wanna make you hot, no doubt!
and you wanna take a shot, no doubt!
wicked games thats the way how they wanna play
naughty thoughts and a surprise under their shorts
at any given time she wants to do you, screw you
use and abuse you like shes always used to
yo! you can run but you cannot hide
youre a two-second-brother when your hips collide

you know who were talking about, no doubt!
the little young nastees, no doubt!

l- y - n�

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