Karaoke for Annette - Tall Paul

Annette - Tall Paul (01:34)
created by orlin
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Chalk on the sidewalk,
Writin' on the wall.
Everybody knows it --
I love Paul.

Tall Paul,
Tall Paul,
Tall Paul --
He's my all!

Chalk on the sidewalk
[Chalk on the sidewalk]
Initials on a tree
[Initials on a tree]
Everybody knows it
[Everybody knows it]
Paul loves me.

[Tall Paul]
With the king-size arms;
[Tall Paul]
With the king-size charms;
[Tall Paul]
With the king-size kiss;
[He's my all]
He's my all!

--- instrumental ---

Tall Paul is my love...
Tall Paul is my dream...
He's the captain of...
The high-school football team.

He's my mountain,
He's my tree.
We go steady,
Paul and me.

Tall Paul
[With the great big smile]
Tall Paul
[With the great big eyes]
Tall Paul
[With the great big kiss]
He's my all!

Tall Paul,
Tall Paul,
Tall Paul,
He's my all!

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