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Alexisonfire - White Devil (03:37)
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hey kids, we got a new white devil
And it goes in your fucking nose
that's right we got a new white devil
that's how the story goes!

Story goes

Watch Out!

Glorify, glamorize
Try to forget your sunken eyes
Your dead fad is a disaster
Your fashion is my fucking cancer
Not so fun, nose is sore
Bloody Kleenex all over the floor
But don't worry, who gives a shit?
All your friends will think you're really hip


Your dead fad is a fucking disaster


Addiction is in, I guess addiction is in, yeah [7x]
Addiction is in, I guess addiction is in this year

You look so good
Convulsing on the floor, ya sugar!
And the blood from your nose
Matches your lipstick shade!

GOOOO! [3x]
what a fucking nightmare
GOOOO! [3x]

Look what you have become
White devil, white devil, white devil [3x]

White devil [8x]


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