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Alexisonfire - No Transitory (03:19)
created by anonymous
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I'm in a constant state of getting cut
So why don't I feel anything?

This is a violation

Maybe I forgot what it was like
Before it entered me

So this is what they call
Another endless night
So tired of believing
If this is wrong or right
I think this cause is lost
I wish that I could sleep
I feel like some kind of shadow
Another slave to the week
Imagine if we lived
Under the weather
We would never be found
Never discovered
If everything goes wrong
If it's one more endless night
You know there always tomorrow
And tomorrow...
They'll know there's always tomorrow

And this knife, this knife
It is my most important appendage

So now that your whole world
Has gone into flames
This night is still never ending
Do you think you're still safe?
Seems everything went wrong
We were discovered
But this time there's no tomorrow
And tomorrow...

And this knife, this knife.

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