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Anjeza Shahini - The Image Of You (03:00)
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Eurovision Turkey 2004 (Albania)

How strange the feeling in your soul
When love invades your very being
Another me or so Im told
And life takes on another meaning.

Day after day, I go through the motions,
Stumbling my way, life is a blur
Slave of my love, of my emotions
Youre in my eyes, youre in my heart

One kiss, one heartbeat, in time,
a kiss, the moment, is mine.
I close my eyes, I breathe
Im Queen of the world of Make Believe!!

You make me feel, a little crazy
You make me see your tears are true
You make my days and nights so hazy,
You make me feel the image of you.
Choir: You make me feel
Soloist: a little crazy
Choir: You make me see
Soloist: Your tears are true
Choir: You make me feel
Soloist: Image of you

I know its just a dream
I feel, l love, this life

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