Karaoke for Nazareth - This Flight Tonight

Nazareth - This Flight Tonight (03:24)
created by mahlb70
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Look out the left the captain said
The lights down there that�s where we�ll land
Saw a falling star burning
High above the las vegas sand

It wasn�t the one that you gave to me
That night down south between the trailers
Not the early one that you wish upon
Not the northern one that guides in the sailors

You�ve got that touch so gentle and sweet
But you�ve got that look so critical
Can�t talk to you babe you know I get so weak
Sometimes I think that love is just mythical

Up there�s a heaven, down there�s a town
Blackness everywhere any little lights shine
Blackness, blackness draggin� me down
Come on light a candle in this heart of mine

Starbright, starbright, you�ve got the lovin� that I like
Turn this crazy bird around
Should not have got on this flight tonight

I�m drinkin� sweet champagne got the headphones up high
Can�t numb you, can�t drum you out of my mind

They�re singin�-goodbye baby,
Baby bye-bye,
Ooh! love is blind

Up go the flaps,down go the wheels
Hope you got your heat turned on baby
Hope they�ve finally fixed your automobile
Hope it�s better when we meet again babe.

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