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Seals Crofts - Diamond Girl (04:06)
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Seals And Crofts - Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl - you sure do shine
Glad I found you - glad you're mine
Oh my love you're like a precious stone
Part of earth where heaven has rained on
Makes no difference where you are
Day or nighttime you're like a shinin' star
And how could I shine without you
When it's about you that I am

Diamond Girl - roamin' wild
Such a rare thing - radiant child
I could never find another one like you
Part of me is deep down inside you
Can't you feel the whole world's a-turnin'

We are real and we are a-burnin'
Diamond Girl now that I've found you
It's around you that I am

Diamond Girl - you sure do shine
Diamond Girl - you sure do shine
Diamond Girl - you sure do shine
Diamond Girl - you sure do shine

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Seals Crofts - Diamond Girl (04:06) [anonymous]

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