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Scott Joplin - The bag of luck (06:04)
created by deanhf1
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Bag of Luck - Treemonisha - Scott Jopli

Zodzetrick enters.

Zodzetrick to Monisha:
I want to sell to you dis bag o'luck,
Yo' enemies it will keep away.
Over yo' front do' you can hang it,
An' good luck will come each day.

Will it drive away de blues?
An' stop Ned from drinkin' booze?

It will drive de blues, I'm thinkin',
An' will stop Ned from booze-drinkin'.

Monisha Reaching for bag:

Ned Angrily:
No, dat bag you'se not gwine to buy,
'Cause I know de price is high.

I mus' tell you plain an' bold,
It is worth its weight in gold.

It may be worth its weight in diamonds rare,
Or worth the earth to you.
But to me, it ain't worth a possum's hair,
Or persimmons when they're new.
Drinkin' gin I would not stop,
If dat bag was on my chin.
I'm goin' to drink an' work my crop,
'Cause I think it is no sin.

Dis here bag will heaps o'luck bring,
An' we need here jes dis kind o' thing.

You shall not buy dat bag,
'Cause I don't want it here.
'Nough o' dat thing we've had.
'Twill do us harm, I fear.

To Zodzetrick:
Say ole man, you won't do,
You's a stranger to me.
Tell me, who are you?

Zodzetrick --
I am de Goofer dus' man
An' I's king of Goofer dus' lan'.
Strange things appear when I says "Hee hoo!"
Strange things appear when I says "Hee hoo!"

Zodzetrick starts away. Exit Ned. Monisha goes into the cabin.

Treemonisha To Zodzetrick:
Wait, sir, for a few moments stay,
You should listen to what I have to say.
Please come closer to me, come along,
And I'll tell you of your great wrong.

Zodzetrick marks a cross on the ground, spits on it and turns back.

I've come back, my dear child, to hear what you say,
Go on with your story, I can't stay all day.

You have lived without working for many years.
All by your tricks of conjury.
You have caused superstition and many sad tears.
You should stop, you are doing great injury.

You 'cuse me wrong
For injury I'se not done,
An' it won't be long
'Fore I'll make you from me run.
I has dese bags o' luck, 'tis true,
So take care, gal, I'll send bad luck to you.

Shut up old man, enough you've said;
You can't fool Treemonisha -- she has a level head.
She is the only educated person of our race,
For many long miles far away from this place.
She'll break the spell of superstition in the neighborhood,
And all you foolish conjurors will have to be good.
To read and write she has taught me,
And I am very grateful,
I have more sense now, you can see,
And to her I'm very thankful.
You'd better quit your foolish ways
And all this useless strife,
You'd better change your ways today
And live a better life.

I don't care what you say,
I will never change my way.

Starts to leave

I'm going now, but I'll be back soon,
Long 'fore another new moon.
D'y'all hear?

Treemonisha and Remus:
Yes, and we are glad you are going.

They stand looking at Zodzetrick as he walks slowly away.

Hope he'll stay away from here always, always.

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Scott Joplin - The bag of luck (06:04) [deanhf1]

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