Karaoke for Rick Dees - Disco Duck

Rick Dees - Disco Duck (03:17)
created by derf1776
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Rick Dees> Disco duck
Disco duck� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
[dd= Donald Duck voice] [bs = background singers] [ep = Elvis voice]

Wentto a party the other night
Allthe ladies were treating me right
Movingmy feet to the disco beat
Howin the world could I keep my seat

Allof a sudden I began to change
Iwas on the dance floor acting strange
Flappingmy arms I began to cluck
Lookat me..I`m the disco duck

[dd]Ah get down mama, I`ve got to have me a woman, ha ha ha ha ha
[bs]Disco, disco duck
[dd]Got to have me a woman
[bs]Disco, disco duck
[dd]Oh get down mama
[bs]Try your luck, don`t be a cluck, disco
[dd bs]Disco
[bs]Disco disco duck
[dd]All right
[bs]Disco disco duck
[dd]Ah get down mama, oh mama shake your tail feather, ha ha ha ha ha

Whenthe music stopped I returned to my seat
Butthere`s no stoppin` a duck and his beat
SoI got back up to try my luck

[dd]Everybody`s doin` the
[dd bs]Disco, disco duck
[dd bs]Disco, disco duck
[bs]Try your luck
[dd]Wave to me
[bs]Don`t be a cluck
[dd]I`m so happy to be here
[ep]Thank you duck
[ep]For gettin` down
[bs]Disco disco disco
[ep]Thank you so very much
[bs]Disco duck
[dd]You`re welcome
[bs]Disco Disco Duck
[bs]Try your luck, don`t be a cluck, disco, disco, disco..

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Rick Dees - Disco Duck (03:17) [derf1776]

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