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Randy Crawford - Almaz (04:05)
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She only smiles
He only tells her
that she's the flowers of wind and spring
In all her splendor sweetly surrendering
The love that innocence bring

** Almaz, pure and simple
Born in a world where love survives
Now men will want her'
Cause life don't haunt her
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

Now I watch closely
And I watch wholly
I can't imagine love so rare
She's young and tender
But will life bend her
I look around if she everything

** repeat
He throws her kisses
She shares his wishes
I'm sure he's king without a doubt
With love so captive
So solely captive
I ask if I could play the part
** repeat

Almaz, You lucky lucky thing
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing´┐Ż

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