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Paul van Dyk - Complicated (07:58)
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If I have little space
If I deconstruct it all
If I drink until I feel numb
If I lose a little sleep
I'll forget I thought you were the one

It's complicated
(loving this way)Still chased by ghosts of
little mistakes

It's complicated [4x]

All the promises
that you made to me
unintentional lies
god I still believe

It's complicated [2x]
If I try to turn it off
If I swallow all my pride
If I love till nothings left at all
If I say but never do
If I weep a little while
If I could only make this stop

Tell me that you love me
Just tell me that you love me

It's complicated [2x]

if I bleed until I dry
Make love to the loneliness
Accept that that this is all I've got
If I convince myself
Forget whats in the past
You wouldn't still be what I want

Tell me that you love me
Just tell me that you love me

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